Sideways elevators

I would love if there was a elevator that could go sideways so if you need to get sideways faster I feel like this would be nice especially for 16x 4x etc
It would take the same resources as a normal elevator (can’t think of them of the top of my head)


So like a conveyor belt?

To be honest I think rails are already a good solution for that problem, and in some ways better as you can utilize stations as automatic stopping points. I believe rails also cheaper than elevators to begin with.


Kinda but handcars are the fastest way to travel and they can be annoying because you have to tilt your screen (ik that’s the same with the other ones) but if u have a area like 200tc from spawn u can’t click it to take you there

you can switch that in settings to just a joystick/d-pad kind of style for handcars

Oh I didn’t know that

That was added in 1.7.