Similar apps

Are there any apps on the iOS devices that are similar to blockheads and not like the crappy off brand Minecraft shooter games or stuff like that


Anything that doesn’t involve 5 bucks

You should try out Deepworld…

For the rest of today at least…

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I guess the 2D sandbox survival game is a niche that’s sort of drying up. Does Terraria support multi-player? There was Junk Jack and Junk Jack X. Those also cost money up front and I don’t think Junk Jack X is even around any more.

The App store has a “Best Crafting Games” category. How is Blockheads not even on that list? :confused: :cry:

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A recent update to the game added multiplayer.

I think they both still exist. The only problem is that both Junk Jack games aren’t comparable to The Blockheads. After all, this game is technically as good as 1000 Junk Jacks, at least according to MajicDave. :wink: