Simple master blacklist file for Mac


Hey, could there please be a “cloudban” list for macs? Then I wouldn’t have to ban people on every server individually.

It should just be a file that the server reads before letting the player on. It doesn’t need a way to be interacted with in-game.


I can already imagine how much I’d love this.


I’d think this could integrate well in the owner portal as well as on Mac.


I don’t want it to be complicated and have to interact with the GUI. I just want a simple “cloudban” list that blocks names, IPs, and device IDs.


Wouldn’t it be more of a macban


Hi, welcome to (fast food chain), what would you like?

Hi, I’d like a McBan.


But yes, macban.

Edit: Is this offensive? Let me know if it is please :slight_smile:


a server ban, versus a world ban? I’ll run it up the flagpole with Dave tomorrow. I’m going over to his place then.


That would be funny if someone did that