Simple solution of not enough food new spawn when the world is being created and the seed being chosen


I think like the title says when it chooses a seed that doesn’t make enough food new spawn instead of choosing a different seed maybe at least make it so the engine needs to spawn food in instead of choosing a different seed.


Engines are for cars, not spawning food. :question:


Could be referring to a game engine, which, if I’ve deduced correctly, is a base framework that runs game or simulation code. I think a popular current one is Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.


The title doesn’t really say it. TBH the way you have worded this post is really unclear and confusing to me, I have no clue about what you are saying. Could you possibly clarify what you mean?
BTW: not trying to criticise your English, just saying I have no idea what your talking about and a clarification is needed :smiley:


If I had to guess, Legoboy is saying that it has become common to spawn in a new world with the initial portal not being close enough to an easily sustainable food source, and that the portal location or seed can be changed accordingly, or that the game should automtically compensate by spawning in an area with plenty of food.


Hmm I guess that makes sense. Seems like a good idea then!


I mean, I don’t see a dire need to change this, since the current method works fine.


Sometimes spawning into an area with no food source is part of the challenge. It is done on purpose to make it more difficult for the players. It tests their knowledge of the game and their ability to work together with other players to survive in the hostile environment. It can make the game more challenging and encourage teamwork.
If it is a matter of all the food trees being cut down by newcomers, that is why an owner has staff on a server. Part of being a good staff member is spawn upkeep. That means replanting food and filling in dirt holes. As a server develops protected gardens can be made to ensure everyone has plenty of food.


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Also, I’ve had to live near the North Pole without dying ( I was exploring on a 16x world for anti spawn and had forgotten food.)


The trying seeds loop phenomenon shouldn’t be caused by seed. It’s an issue with the rules. If you set rules that mean there aren’t food sources the game will keep trying new seeds to try and find one with food near spawn, and because the rules about plants and trees make it impossible it goes into a loop.

If the rules aren’t set for food scarcity then the new seed attempts will be few before it finds one with sufficient nearby food.