Sin City: update post

Hello I’m the owner of sin city and I’m a builder. I’m looking for people to participate in a building Competition. It will be a week long and you get 40 block wide lot to build on. And for people to hang with and Thank you for your time.
From: Jack
1: do not destroy/ grief other people builds
2: Help new people out
3: Your allowed to talk freely
4: Do not be rude
5: No inappropriate pics or usernames
6: Do not cause lag

This is what spawn looks like at the moment


Cool! I will definitely check it out. those builds are amazing! Are there starters? is it survival or custom?




What is the theme of the server?

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I love the style. So modern and unique. Will definitely check it out.


There are starter and it’s survival

There none it’s up to you it’s free build

OK thanks, just went on, the building are amazing and the admins are great awesome server!
Can’t wait to see more cool builds!


Hello I’m the owner of Sin City and need a new server team and looking for help with sub way or building. Join when ever thank you for your time

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Oh, have you created a new “Sin City” server?

I love the little biomes on the right!

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Hello I’ve been look on forums for a little bit and you have impressed me very much I would like you to
Join my team but that’s up to you hope you reply thank you

No same server just re opening it

Update on the server we our almost done installing the subway going left on spawn where anyone can build the subway will be cutting thru an ocean also here is some new builds we added so far