Since Blockheads is gone from the Play Store is there going to be an update?

I’m wondering since now you wouldn’t be able to get the game if you don’t know that apks can be found. I think it would be good if there were bug fixes and a possible new feature. I hope that Dave can take a bit of time away from Sapiens and instead fix the game that brought the company up.

Dave doesn’t work on the android version

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Well he originally made the game and Milla said that he would have to stop working on sapiens to fix up Blockheads

Which won’t happen. I have been very clear about that. If the Apple build gets a bug fix update it will be after Sapiens is out, probably after the first update.


Maybe a bug fix here and there, but nothing major.

I doubt that.


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If Dave does an update for Blockheads it’s most likely to be a one-off, final bug-squasher.


Noodlecake now offers an official APK version:


Excellent. Thank you for sharing that!

That isn’t a good sign.

It’s a good sign, it indicates that Dave is a rational being who operates by economically logical choices


Without any clarification, it indicates that the game is on its way out.

The game used to be apple only I think it can manage temporarily plus it isn’t Dave’s fault that it’s not on the google play store

I never said that it was his fault. Are you referring to his profile bio?

No but people keep acting like it’s his fault even if it’s out of his control

I don’t see anybody in this topic acting like it’s his fault.

What have I been saying for the past couple of years? The game is on its way out.