Since the forum is slowly fading,

So the forum is fading, every time I forget to check for a while, the number of new unread forums gets lower and lower…
This is inevitable given the circumstances.

I was looking through some forums since I came back and found my old ones from a few years ago. (I was actually such a kid. Haven’t changed much…) They were just so dumb compared to what I’d do now.

So, just share your memories and embarrassing moments on the forum here, some people might remember them, others will have a laugh and you can sit there being humiliated (in a good way).

Have fun… and stay safe!
Remember, 5 days until Christmas. (Or 6 whatever you wanna call it or something).


all good things die out eventually you just enjoy them while you can

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This has to be one of my favorite memories. :hamburger: :fries:

Wumbo lmao your pfp was a burger.
This memory is my favorite. One of the first and it gained a lot of traction What is your favorite BH animal