Single player challenge and quest

I would like to try making a new world and set some goals and quest since my original world got deleted and this time I wanna set my goals straight

but my ideas are pretty limited so if you would like to give me a few more of them I would love to make them

1 get a full titanium armor without trade portals this probably take a month to finish

2 find all types of gem islands

3(edit) find at least five cave trolls

4 get full ice armor

5 get all the pole items

6 make a factory for jetpacks

7 make a rainbow unicorn

8 make a rainbow dodo

9 make a city

10 poles must have at least one house or base which includes portal chest and portals

11 make all kinds of tree farms

12 (optional) mine the whole world

13 fill the whole sky

14 have infinite coffee

15 build a space station (sky base)

16 build a road

17 build a railway system around the world

18 build an underwater base

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You mean get a baby cave troll? Or just tame one


get a baby cave troll

I don’t know if it is possible but I’ve watched one of edepot’s video

Yea that is photoshopped you can’t do that

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so I have to find four cave trolls to make a full ice armor dammit

If only you could… :frowning:

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It might take more than four trolls to obtain a full set of ice armor. Their armor drops are random so you could end up with 4 chest plates, or any combination of armor pieces. You might get each armor piece from each troll but don’t set your heart on it.

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i would be unable to do any of this, because i have never done any of this is a vanilla singleplayer

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maybe it’s not your type game

in any case I like tycoon games which blockheads somehow get in that kind of category

New quest : [“cool” house] build a ice house

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