Single Player/Offline - Game Crashing

Ive been taking this crash for years. Please help me im using Phone VIVO 1716
I really want to play The Blockheads, but this crash looks like phone im using is incompatible with the game, please if theres a solution let me know. I don’t know if It crashes on multiplayer too cuz i never played multiplayer since crashing. Help me! Also i can only last 3-7 seconds when i joined a world or server,

Contact @milla. She can probably fix your server. Otherwise its probably your device.

I dont use server but do you mean, my personal world?/singleplayer? also the crash occurs anytime i can not even last minutes inside the game, do you know how to fix it?

Oh i meant your world. Yeah, its probably something with your device.

Hmm maybe its on my device, when i was playing at Lenovo Tablet i can play the game and errors/bugs only occurs sometimes…

So theres nothing i can do? or i can do something?

I dont specialize with devices, so i dont know what to do either. Your phone is probably too old, or there’s no storage. Your phone has too much apps or you know its old?

My device is just 1 year old and theres still 16gb free space, maybe i trynna remove some apps

Your phone maybe also doesnt have the latest software update, or your phone has jailbreak/viruses

How can i know if my software isnt updated?

Ive tried searching your device, and ive had no luck. Is it android or apple?

Edit: maybe you can send more pictures.

Im on android and what kind of pictures you need?

Device pictures, etc.

And i have an iphone, so i dont know android. Maybe google how you check your software.

Okk let me do it later its 2 AM. Thanksssss

I moved this over to the Android glitches forum. You may have better luck there.

Your best bet is to contact Android support. You can do that by pausing the game, tapping on HELP/CREDITS, then scrolling down to the Support section, where you will find a link to email them. They will send you back a bunch of links that solve the most common problems. If they don’t help you will need to reply to that to get their attention, or they will assume that one of the links helped.

no when i was in Character Select like naming my new character it goes crash. i meant is after loading it crashes