Single Player/Offline Vanilla World suddenly changes to Custom Offline World



So my Single Player Offline Vanilla 1/16 world just suddenly turned into a Single Player Custom x16 world.

Sincerely bummed. I’m out of town and I don’t have a back up I don’t believe. And if I do, on one of my home computers, I have no idea how long ago the backup would have been.

I know there is no way to restore without using a backup.
Just reporting this… so that people can be careful, I guess. I see that someone experienced this in 2015. Well, I can report that this same glitch… still happens.

This is a heartbreaker for me.:broken_heart:


Is this bug even patchable?


I‘m really sorry about your loss! :frowning:
Thanks for the warning anyways, I guess I‘ll store my things on different SPs from now on!
I hope that you‘ll be able to get at least some of your stocks back via an old backup :no_mouth:


It also helps to have a disposable single player world to join between ones that you care about and online worlds. If a disconnect while joining happens it will only mess up the disposable single player world.


Nothing odd happened here, @Shariu. The world was fine last night. Logged off normally. Then, today I went on to find the change. No disconnects.

Would advise backing up continually… and splitting stocks as Princess Sarah mentions.


Are you positive that you didn’t have a disconnect while joining a cloud world when the last world on your spinner was your single player world? This was what happened to all the other people who reported a corrupt single player world. Hopefully we are not seeing something different here.


It’s something different. My SP world was 4 or 5 worlds in on the spinner. I did not have a disconnect at all that day.