Singleplayer 16x


I honestly can’t choose to put this in a question type way or a suggestion type way. Please correct me if this is the wrong place. But I had the question as to why singleplayer doesn’t have the 16x option?

This is kind of the suggestion part. If possible, in a small future update if other small content is suggested already, or a big one if that were to ever happen, could it be added? No, a 32x for a server sounds like a good iPhone XR won’t survive too easily, let’s not go too far. :sweat_smile:

Plus, wouldn’t a 16x run smoother for singleplayer than for a server? I would think so if you aren’t having 16 players online doing stuff it’d be much smoother. I can imagine this has been suggested before, so that’s why I’m playing it safe with questions.

What do people think about that?


I can’t speak for Dave, but I don’t see what you would ever do with a 16x world. A 16x world is huuuge. I don’t know why you would want a server that was 16x, not to mention one to be alone on. (Okay, a 16x server could be used, but I don’t see the point of a single player world of that size.)


The battery in your iPhone wouldn’t appreciate that. :joy:


Fully developed 16x worlds are really huge files. I guess they would make older devices struggle.
I’ve been trying to create a 16x SP world the other day and only then realised they are not available🙈


Nor will the storage.


In terms of SP worlds, if the 16x was an option, it would probably only be for the purpose of trying to circumnavigate the world on your own.

I think the 16x world serves a role that is only present in servers, that being to give a decent amount of players plenty of space to spread out and build in. In this role, the fact that certain resources are pushed extremely far from the spawn isn’t very important. That is to say, the 16x world size isn’t really designed for the survival side of the game, rather it is intended for the more large-scale creative and chaotic side and as such there is no need for it exist as a SP world option.


Hmm. Try switching between a 16x server to your single player quickly. There’s a glitch that happens to where it will affect your single player size and name.

But it’s hard to recreate that glitch… when you have the intention to do it.


Personally, I don’t miss the option of a 16x SP world. I have never even completely explored or developed a 1X SP world.

I do have a 4X world on SP, and it is a Huge, Lonely place with just me being there.


As it happens so often everybody assumes their way of playing the game is shared by all players.
I’d use 16x SP worlds for several reasons. First of all to test a new server idea before I actually create and pay for the server. “Test” means to try out if certain ideas do actually work and to find a good seed for the server.

And imagine the challenge of exploring a massive world on your own, making bases around the world and trying to establish a functional transport and item distribution system without portal chest and trade portals. Could be fun on a 16x world with 10 or 15 blockheads…

Don’t forget you don’t have to play alone on your SP, you can invite your friends who are connected to the same wifi


It’s actually been done, but that was a loooooong time ago, when cloud servers were brand spankin’ new. The person who did it used a backup from and ifunbox to restore it to a device. It didn’t ever work exactly right, as I recall. He had a bugger of a time with glitches and dumps when in the world map.

I personally don’t do sp worlds much. I just set up a private Mac server. It has the advantage of allowing me to access the world from all my devices, and the ability to go public with it if there’s ever a need or reason to do so.


Seeing as you can only have five BHs at max… well you can figure out where I am going with this. The point is that 16x worlds are most well suited for a large quantity of BHs/player’s (multiplayer).

I don’t think the message anyone was trying to send was that 16x worlds are useless for single player, rather that 16x is far more useful for servers compared to single player, hence why the 16x option is only available to server worlds.


Ronnie does make a good point though about finding a good seed. Since we can’t create SP 16x, there is no way to create a test seed on SP before paying real money to start a server world.

Unless 4X seeds produce similar results for 16X :thinking: but I suspect that they don’t.


I know that a 1x Mac server seed used to create a 4x Mac server produces VERY similar- though not identical- results. So there’s that. Not a guarantee, to be sure, but it lends merit to the hypothesis.

I might be willing to do a bit of testing here, as Mac servers don’t cost. Given the parameters of course. The one caveat is that I dont have an abundance of free time these days, so Some patience would be required.


Where are you going? I can have 5 BHs on each device I join my SP with.


Totally didn’t know that that is a thing you can do.


80 Blockheads at most on a cloud server and 160 Blockheads at most on a Mac server.


Yup, it’s pretty ingenious actually! What you do is create an SP world on one device, then you Host Local Network and join with your other devices. Presto! Instant thriving empire. :thinking: Why didn’t I think of this earlier :thinking:


Thank you all for the responses.

In response to @PorkyTheChop, my thought process was what Ronnie’s point. I also see Skeeve’s point, but I would say more space would never hurt. I would honestly be trying to play with LAN friends sometimes if I were to have 16x for this.

I didn’t recall anything about 16x existing before. @Joe they were designed properly for cloud servers, do Mac servers have this option? I can’t really remember if they have 16x.

@Cpt-Koolzman I saw it the same way. What Skeeve said in response is right on the money too. I really hunt for seeds for singleplayer worlds constantly and if I were to open up a server I’d want one of those. But then I don’t feel 4x is large enough for 16 players maximum!

I would really be interested in some results anyone finds interesting themselves. I’ll try some stuff out too.

@WumboJumbo, I think kind of the point of that part was your device would appreciate one player on a 16x world than 16 on a 16x world. That was also part of the point. You can’t decrease or increase the numbers of people on a cloud server.

This has been an interesting discussion so far though.


But, I think this only works with apple devices and not Android.


Yes, because Android doesn’t support Local Server hosting. It will work if you host using an iOS device however.