Singleplayer World Pictures


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I’ve upgraded my base! Now it’s made out of steel and the pool made out of glass. I had a tough time with my pool though, it overflowed before I placed a door which led to many ladders being destroyed. My mini-farm’s walls are made out of Diamond Blocks.

This is a Solar Panel power plant connected by copper wires to my flywheels.


I’m assuming this is custom?


Nope, vanilla.


Wow, impressive!


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Nope, vanilla.

Wow that’s really good for a vanilla world


Took forever. About a month lol


So Ima just assume you used a portal chest cause If you made dat diamond room in survival :stuck_out_tongue:


The diamond room and Steel walls, I used platinum coins from my PC. But the benches, trees, pool and golden bed were all done by hand.


Status update:
I made a new elevator on the right, and made a kitchen and moved the Pizza Oven there. I made a new lvl 4 Craft bench in the kitchen, placed my food chests there, and I’m planning to make one more Pizza Oven and Electric Press. Or maybe a Press lvl 3. IDK yet.


Ok, so I’ve started a new world. Called Sapphire Hills. Really lucky find at spawn, 3 TC blocks, 1 amethyst and a Sapphire!


Upgraded my fields to compost after figuring out it keeps trees from dying.