Sinking in lava 🆒



I’m in lava if you cant see!
I’m stuck here.I’ve tried teleporting,destroying and asking another player to bucket lava!

I did the flying without jet pack glitch then I sunk in :slightly_frowning_face:
My other thread on lava:

Why does lava act solid?

You could try switching off the infinite health and let your blockhead die, then respawn.


I tried that, it didn’t work.

it also happens with my dropbears sinking into dirt.


Well, Yes magma can hit you because magma burning you but the hit from magma can’t kill you because you set the health to infinite so it means you will not die unless there’s another setting the Death if you want to respawn again click “Die on Exit” and of course when you exit you will die then go back to the world and you will see you are in the portal need to spawn again. :wink:


Could you pm me how you did that?


Looks like there’s a black hole in your world. There is a 1/61801801 chance to have that. If you dig the lava with a diamond pick axe nothing will happen :slight_smile:


I can’t die no matter what so I’m stuck there for eternity.

A similar thing happened on another server except it was ice I was stuck in.


Maybe Milla can help you get out?


Doubt it.


Maybe a rollback by @milla could get you out of there?


Shouldn’t this and ur other thread me merged?

Also refrain from double posting within a hour plz.


guys get out of the lava!

you will drown!


If you are stuck in lava disable infinite health and make health one hit kill, this will help you


Let yourself starve to death. (in game)


i think the cause maybe the water? idk


water boy and fire girl

but it’s glitched


You could teleport to spawn portal or any other portal as well


Pro tip: Don’t exploit or test out glitches on purpose. You did it to yourself. Good luck.


Why editing the Death set to “Die on Exit” won’t work it should be.


I thought you meant in real life!