The Legendary Skanky Danky server is returning. More info in a day or two.

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I already like the look of the server! :slight_smile:


really love the start area! i will try to join!

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Well there’s an interesting world name! I’d love to know its origins. Here in NZ skanky has a negative meaning, to it’s very intriguing.

ah in america it also does, and its shorter counterpart, in this case i’m also curious, it doesn’t seem to be even close to its negative meaning here

cant wait to join

Very soon my friend. In less than a few hours .

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yo. what is your discord name? i wanna add you b

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just a friendly reminder that this should be in the same thread as its original, there should be one thread for each server assuming you’re the owner :slight_smile:

correct me if i’m wrong that this is in fact the original, SKANKY DANKY

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possibly, hopefully milla can merge them