Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire nearly 8 years old

Hello Everyone!

It’s hard to believe that I have been running SGE for nearly 8 whole years. Soooo many memories and good times on this server! One of the most memorable was building our beloved 16x worldwide railway over the course of the first 6 months from April to October 2014.

In those days we didn’t have protection signs! Instead we had a lot of active admins who would enforce the no stealing rails rule. It worked very well.

But even now with protection signs, we haven’t protected the entire railway. Periodically, I make a tour and do some repairs. My last tour resulted in only having to patch up less than 50 rail tracks. Not bad for a world with over 250,000 tracks!

Anyway, I found a youtube video made in May 2014 by Red Eagle when SGE was only 6 weeks old. I am amazed at how much we built in that short time. The railway by then was already epic and gaining attention among the BH community.

Today, SGE’s railway remains one of the wonders of the BH world and no 16x world to date has ever matched it. I keep expecting some server to do it, but I suspect that as the game’s popularity wanes, that may never happen.

Well, here is the link to RedEagle’s video.
Enjoy this bit of nostalgia from the very early days of SGE!


Congratulations on such a milestone! It’s been a wild ride! :partying_face:


Thanks, I’ve never actually seen you play there - or do you use a different IGN?

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Yeah, I played there under a different IGN.

Thought so, I don’t suppose you’d care to share what that IGN was? :wink:

I used a string of random numbers as my username up until the release of 1.7. :slight_smile:

It even survived a pandemic!!!

I remember traveling across the entire world on a handcar! Great world.

I should probably try that sometime

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Many happy memories :blush:

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The server “SKANKY DANKY” did it in 2019 … above the magma and in space and with railways connecting rails on the surface all the way down to the rail above the magma… end to end. That server just closed last Month after a 3 and a half year straight run with 73 private members. And As far as I know it was the longest running faction / quest server. Also with The biggest underground scorpion maze (300x300 blocks) ever built in multi. I Built , Co-owned, and operated 8 servers at the same time. with SKANKY DANKY, FROSTY, and HOLY GRAIL being the most popular. Saluteimage

Uploading: A5EEA21F-DD21-4AA9-8E2C-C89055EB3095.png…

Uploading: E63251C8-4C99-416F-B4F1-5B5EC42E4460.png…
Uploading: 1544D539-A901-432C-8882-F28B6C28749F.png…

Uploading: 5681F04A-D2F2-4090-B541-534413E292FF.png…Uploading: 26D69A3E-EDB0-4E06-BE84-55E14E25067E.png…


Fantastic! Love those images! Was it a 16x World and is it possible to visit if I add credit? I’d like to verify this and if, indeed, the railway circumnavigates the world then yours and mine will be the only servers to ever accomplish the feat. (Well, at least the only known servers)


Yes, they are all 16. And yes they are accessible if you add credit. But they are all password protected except for holy grail. I forgot to password protect that and some hackers stole some of the artwork, but no player has ever found the Holy Grail that is hidden there. Those worlds are loaded with many traps as they were solely survival, factions and quests servers. Goodluck.


joshthebeandealer was in one of those screenshots, I think I knew him once

If you come across any satellite dishes when/if you explore them. Pay attention to where the dishes are pointed. Following the angle of where the dish is pointed(need jet pack And lots of kelp) will lead you to Huge space stations. And pay attention to labyrinths underneath any pyramids you come across as they lead to clues to take you places. there are clues hidden inside of graves in a few cemeteries you may come across. Especially at Gun Hill cemetery and Pirate’s Cove on the server of SKANKY DANKY. Any tiki statues you come by are area of forbidden zones where players placed Death traps of many sorts. In my servers if a player died Or was killed their name would be banned but not their device so they could re-enter the game again but had to acquire a new name which meant they would often bury their items in wooden boxes so they could retain them under their new name. There are also many submarines in the oceans and inside of cave lakes and entire eco systems. Once you pass the tiki idols you are in zones that are loaded with death traps. Primarily via drowning or scorpions and sharks. Their are huge forest but by myself and players that are loaded with drop bears. Some forest were made large enough so that might fall DOES catch your there. Drop bears galore. Submarines are deep and loaded with goodies (Tile paintings and unknowns).






Uploading: 42443417-1258-4A49-A6A5-46A8BE58A87C.png…
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Uploading: 0DE45F10-D9A1-468C-8A70-4CC1ACECF991.png…


This world was truly amazing!!!

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@SkankyDanky if you don’t mind, send me a Private Message with the password to the world with the 16x railway. I’ll keep it secret on my honor.


Yeah, he was the main antagonist on the Skanky Danky server. He was the only one not in a Clan. He was a loner he came very close to finding the last clue but he got killed trying to flood an underground base of a rival
Clan. So he lost his name and had to come back with another name so all previous gains he made were lost because he never stashed them on the server. He started his own server after that but it only last 5 days because he gave the owner password to another player on a bet and lost it. His name, along with several other players are still in the player’s hall of fame building at SKANKY DANKY. His name is also permanently buried in the spawn cemetery of the damned to the left of spawn there. All players who died or killed on m servers. Their names used on my servers are laid to rest I think he cemeteries there.