Skeeve's Exile - Announcing the first Expert Mode World of 1.7

Ok folks, I know, I know, version 1.7 isn’t even out yet at the time of this post (Feb 20th 2018).
But this will become the thread once version 1.7 is out and my Expert Mode world is created.

I wanted to use this thread to generate hype and excitement (a little shameless self-promotion, I know) by providing you with (drumroll) this background story!

Treachery! Betrayal!! Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire, once praised for it’s breathtaking world-wide railroad,
elaborate bridges which span whole oceans, and astounding architecture - has fallen! Legions
of blockheads armed with Jet Packs and Poison Arrows stormed the Grand Imperial Palace, sacked the
Emperor’s throne, and looted the gold. Even the great storage sphere above the palace was seized
and raided.

No one knows who led the rebellion or what their real motives were. Even more mysterious is how the rebels managed to restore the magic known as “PvP” to a world long-restrained from such. Some suspected that the long-forgotten Gman had returned to exact vengeance on the empire which banned him more than half
a dozen times. Others say it was Toshie, who had previously attempted subversion (several
times) but was never taken seriously. Still others claimed it was Astroverse or her “sis” back
from the dead on the missing Malaysian aircraft she reportedly was last seen on. One person even
suggested that it was old Tomi - banished by the empire long ago even though he extended his hand
(and possessions) more than once in an offer of “Frens”.

Whoever the rebels are and whatever their motive was, Emperor Skeeve and those loyal to him were
forced to either surrender or escape. As a roar of Jet Packs was heard cresting over the palace
battlements, Ronnie and Georgie, two of Skeeve’s closest advisors and the first officials of the
old empire hastily constructed an escape portal. Cactus Jack, another trusted empire official,
quickly pointed out that without the proper calibration we could never know what world lay waiting
for us on the other side. There was no time for debate - the first twangs of poison arrow bows erased all hesitation.

The final remaining loyalists to Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire gritted their teeth and then vanished into the bright metallic blue glow of an escape portal. SGE was now left to its fate at the hands of the rebels.

The first thing everyone noticed on the other side of the portal was the biting wind and freezing cold. JimmyF, however, felt it only a minor inconvenience. Troy and Spike, may they rest in peace, succumbed almost
immediately. Caron and Alice Wilko managed just in time, to dig a small hole underground to
shield themselves from the near-cryogenic freeze of the wind. Mr.Auto and Real Rob assisted by
Jemni made a crude shelter above the spawn-in portal which seemed to stave off the worst of the
effects of cold, but didn’t solve the immediate problem of shelter.

After a few hours Aacorn, Vladmirangel, MummyK and ASYC began constructing the first serious underground shelter. No one had tools, and the only supplies anyone managed to smuggle from SGE were some Apples, Flax, Chillies, torches, Amethysts, and storage chests along with some seeds of a local
plant from this world which no one has ever seen before. There was only enough for each survivor
to have basically 1 of each however.

Da Chicken Man, quite the practical one, suggested that food seeds be planted underground so that they would withstand the cold and provide long-term survival needs. Apple trees were given priority due to the possibility to attract dodos.

Arcturus and Deefaa began the tedious process of exploring the world just under the surface to
avoid death from exposure. Soon, Arcturus announced a discovery that due to the star angles this
world must be at least as large as SGE. But as soon as he spoke these words, that’s when
everyone noticed the same thing at once:

Skeeve, the beloved Emperor of SGE and amateur astronomer who long ago pioneered distance estimation by measuring star angles, was missing!

A few weeks later and several miles south of the spawn portal, a former SGE official named Bren
found a note sticking out of the snow. He noticed with great excitement that it appeared to be
written in the Emperor’s handwriting! But the weather had made most of the writing illegible.

A few words, however remained intact. One sentence fragment contained the words:
"…enhanced phenotypic expression via…[two illegible words]"
and another read:
"The dodos are [illegible word] rapidly!."
but more notably, further down was this sentence:

“…they’re real and they can fly!!”

Aside from the note - a page in Skeeve’s journal perhaps? Old Emperor Skeeve has still not been
found. Altereal, Malon, Koppany, Ark and Rygar have all embarked on a search expedition. It is
not expected that any of them will survive…

Welcome to Skeeve’s Exile!

This server is intended to be a cooperative effort, therefore PvP is OFF.
The Blacklist from SGE will be copied over to this world, therefore by default it will be an ROP server.

The playtesting experience has shown that progress will be very slow - especially with lots of people online preventing fast-forward sleeping. And expert mode has it’s own special features which make cooperation much more difficult.

The usual kid-friendly rules apply as well as the no-hacking or cheating or duping.

There will be some, I expect, who try this world only to ruin the hard work of others. However, I think those people will find that griefing and damaging other’s works is a lot more difficult than they expect in this mode of play. Therefore, griefing will be allowed for now, but I expect players to cooperate with each other for long-term survival.

More to come when 1.7 is out!


This is fantastic. @Skeeve, you’ve outdone yourself.


Exited to see what the server will turn out to be like. Can’t wait to join!


Like SoT… But with PvP off, cooperation encouraged, and even harder?

…I am intrigued.


Just like back home. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I think you’ve succeeded in getting me hyped! I sadly missed SGC, so this will definitely be a great adventure! Wishing 1.7 was coming out sooner now…


Yes, I had them :wink:

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Excited to join!

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I bet kap is so good that he has a titanium sword within the first day…

Throws a table across the tundra


I hope SGE hasn’t really fallen, just a story right? :sweat_smile:

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Yes, so far just a story! Although I’m thinking of making up a sequel story which explains what happened to SGE in the aftermath. :smiley:

Or perhaps I could leave the writing of that story to the rebels…


“Skeeve’s fallen empire”

The fate of the empire was left to hooligans and a lonely derpy pig, who had been left behind as everyone rushed to the new world XD


Okay, just don’t let SGE fall until I can find out what the rainbow room is! :wink:


Sounds suppperrrrr doopppeeee expect the czarry man to explore your realm!


Is the name still up for change? :thinking: (don’t let SKEEVIL die)

edit: By the name of Dave! Our almighty emperor Skeeve has liked my post! I’m honored :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, it’s possible I could still change it. I’ll keep Skeeve’s Exile unless something better comes along. The good part is that this name is only 14 characters, including the apostrophe, so it won’t have to be abbreviated like Skeeves Challeng was (left off the last ‘e’).


Exciting! I was never an emperor of skeeve’s servers, but be warned, I’m ready to rule this world! :wink:

Loved the storyline of this btw, looks amazing.


Im so excited! Great story too👍🏻

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Oh nice I wanna join too so excited!

This looks awesome. Can’t wait to see it in 1.7


Yes! Finally! I’m excited! Much happy! 10/10 joy!