Sketchy Report Says Apple Car is Years Ahead of Schedule, Will Debut Next Year

What is the legitimacy of this claim?

There are conflicting reports.

Well, even the CEO of Volkswagen is paying attention to all the rumors!

Another conflicting report?

Well, here is yet another conflicting report!

Volkswagen isn’t the only automotive company that has acknowledged what Apple is up to.

That’s the problem with rumour :upside_down_face:

Apple and Hyundai have apparently worked something out.

Apple apparently met with an electric vehicle startup to work something out, but talks fell apart.

What a bizarre prediction!

Where are all these rumors coming from?

Probably some guy in his mom’s basement.


Hyundai is unsure if the partnership will go over well with Apple.

Maybe the partnership will go well after all.

Volkswagen is not afraid of Apple.

Nissan denies any involvement with Apple’s car project.

Now LG is involved?

Is Apple ready?

Maybe Apple isn’t ready…

Everything is falling apart!

Wait, what is Apple even doing?