Ski_pro's pixel art

Wow, meanwhile I have made just a cherry outside my house on AMAZE

I plan on building more pixel art on my new server (APLACEINAGAME) when I find where the marble is


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Nice cherry!

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image I made one of my blockheads into a trade portal


That sounds fun.


Once my parents decide to get me a gift card Ima make another server

image A basic underground house I made on a server called Sans World

image seems about right

Am I the only one here :thinking:

It’s a thread for your pixel art, people (hopefully) won’t post their own art on your thread since that’d be hijacking a thread

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Pixel Art I make on my Acer laptop when I’m not using it for online classes or games

A pixel art of a 1970s era destroyer and its 3 piece painting taking up the entirety of a base im building

You really like to mention your Acer laptop, don’t you? :lol:

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very interesting