I have a great suggestion for the blockheads characters. So when you are customizing your blockhead there will be a “skills” section. The basic skills will be mining, logging, hunting, crafting, etc. Each skill will have different effects on your blockheads abilities. For example, the mining skill will determine how fast you can mine blocks. Logging is how fast you chop wood. Hunting is how much damage you do when attacking and crafting is how fast you craft, etc. Each skill has a bar which you can customize when you make your blockhead. You have a certain number of “points” which you can put into each skill. You can choose to increase one skill and neglect the others or just balance them evenly. Your blockhead will spawn with these skills and they can be increased. The skills will increase the more you practice them. Like when you mine blocks your mining skill will slowly raise higher or if you attack things your hunting bar will slowly increase. Once your skills reach max level you cannot increase them anymore and they cannot be lowered either. I think skills would be a great addition to the game because it would make multiple blockheads WAY more useful. You can have a high mining skill miner and a high crafting skill crafter and can do things very efficiently. By the way for the crafting skill if you use TC it doesnt raise the skill and you can view your skills in the blockheads section where it says sleep and meditate and all that. You can also raise the blockheads individual skills by spending TC


Reminds me of Deepworld. I like it!


Awesome idea!!


I have a feeling that Dave is either putting something similar into or considering it for Sapiens. Don’t quote me on that though. I can’t remember if he Tweeted, posted to the Sapiens site, vloogged it, said it on Discord, or told me once when I was over at his place, and sometimes he changes his mind :slight_smile:


From Discord:

Bibliophile - 01/31/2019
Do sapiens have individual skills that make them the “best” at something? I remember you talking about how learning would pass between sapiens but that was a while ago
majicDave - 01/31/2019
They, will, yes, so I’m keeping that in mind too. They’ll also be carrying tools that might make them a better fit. But for now it’s mostly the path. I have to actually do some kind of fairly accurate path calculation for each check too, so you can see how it could get very slow!


Thank you!