Sky world (Server world idea)


Ok so I have an idea I want to know if it is a good idea or nah if enough people like it I will make it friday or before depends but if people don’t then I won’t

Here is a rough drawing

Basically the ground is all dug out with the ores and other supplies hidden around the sky there would be cities idk who would own the cities yet (maybe some kind of application process?) if it has any staff they will need to be active

(I think that’s part of how ailes failed is 80 percent of staff never joined)

Rules would be normal rules for my servers but maybe no trade portals ? No going underground obey the rules of your city, etc

  • Good idea I wanna help
  • Good idea don’t wanna help wanna play
  • Bad idea

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Here is an easier to see picture, it was tilted


I can start drawing up a small plan of what each city would look like or what it’s purpose would be. I think another one of the reasons the server died was because of disorganization. I couldn’t figure out where to go and I actually never got a house. I also feel like digging out the ground might be a little bit much. Some poeple should still be able to go to the surface to mine or find food.


Hmmmmm maybe the ground could be protected and only certain people could mine and give them entrances or something and mining be a job that certain people get and chests can be hidden with tresures

And yea idk how many cites there will be yet but you can draw out some ideas if you want


It’s still hard to read.


Alright so I will actually get the itunes card today but not enough people have voted because how it is right now 3 admins 3 regular for sure probably mod rosie if she played more likely admin and that would be 4 admins 3 regular and that’s not enough people for me to be 100%