Slight suggestion to help android versions (nerf ads)

There is some current issues that go over android than on iOS when going into servers, the text lags and ur likely to crash a lot

If we really didn’t know why then here is a slight suggestion I thought of

Make ads only when you get free tc, ads don’t come up unless u watch a video on iOS, so if this game already be laggy on android online worlds then a quick solution might be to only have ads unless watching a vid

(But only to make this clear my single player experience is the finest of the fine)


The Android version feels inferior to the iOS version.

Probably because it’s an out of house studio which has to just be a “translator” from Apple coding to Android coding, so stuff can get a little wacky, Noodlecake does a pretty good job though. Was funny when 1.7 released on Android before the platform that Dave himself develops on.

A little is an understatement.

How is it an understatement? I wouldn’t say Android is THAT bad if even inferior at all.

Wait, the android version has ads when your not getting tc from them?

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Yeah :frowning:

The Android version is really buggy.


I can say from experience that the Android version is next to unplayable. Crashes almost all the time for me.

You can’t forget that white screen when you start the app!

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Or the fact that it freezes and crashes almost all the time after waking up the device from sleep… This is the most annoying bug for me, personally

The chat bugs too.

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Android-specific issues and suggestions should be emailed to Noodlecake Studios, the Android developer of the game, or posted to the Android bugs forum. Jungle develops the Apple version only, so suggestions should be either for both platforms or Apple.