Smarter blockheads


I understand this one may be a little hard, or harder to add. but blockheads need to be smarter.

I just have those times where when i am building my blockhead gets trapped and it can get annoying at times. So what i am suggesting is when you are placing a block a blockhead risks getting stuck in, or risks getting stuck in a cave it will escape when you place the block after it gets out.

This will be a feature under control options. it will say “smarter blockheads”

That is all for now.


But people might want to trap their blockheads on purpose, especially if evading one of those cute pesky dropbears.


It is optional, it will be set to off when starting the game


What would happen on maze servers?


Uh, they’re called blockheads for a reason.


that’s pretty funny


Completely overhauling the AI on an old game, when you’re working on the AI in its successor makes no sense. This would be a huge undertaking and the ROI makes it implausible, especially when you could put that time into developing the next game. Sorry.


They’re too busy with Sapiens.


He hasn’t abandoned it; he’s just focusing on another game. I bet if there are stuff like bugs he will go back to quickly fix them.


I’ve already addressed this question.