Smokey’s Old Empire


My friend Smokey Rabbit had a server called =Smokeys Empire=, we have unearthed it as recently as today. Here are some nice highlights of this ancient world.

What do you guys think of my discoveries?

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Those Blockheads look really nice! Very clean.


Not too old seeing as protection signs are there, but still old :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree, Smokey is very talented.

It’s custom too, but still a few years old.


That’s call love


I knew smokey too. Great builds!


LOVE! :couple_with_heart_woman_man:

K idk how I thought of that… Nice!! Love it. Especially the rainbow smokey toasty (or something) building


Lovable server! XD nice work if who did this :wink:


:stuck_out_tongue: ty guys! It was soooo long ago


Hey @Smokeyrabbit can i be whitelisted sinse u know me yesterday i know its fast but im nice i hope i can be whitelist :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s just me but I’m laughing because it gives me the impression that they don’t like the heart due to their wide eyes XD


Hey, can I be whitelisted? The Q is if it exists. Its 1 yrar ago. We met in one of your friend’s server in 2016. I know you still remember me, the guy who always typo’s. Im that YT guy.


If exists, @Smokeyrabbit @smokey-rabbit (idk which to tag) has the battle scars sever now though.


I notice that both of your servers no longer in credit.