So about Multiplayer on Android emulators

When I loaded up Nox and tossed on The Blockheads with the apk, if I tried to go into multiplayer, it would sit at this screen for a long while

and eventually it’ll disconnect

is this an issue with Android or just the emulator I’m using?

Have you tried running the APK on an actual Android device?

As far as I am concerned, multiplayer doesn’t work in the APK version of the game.

I ran the APK on a real Android, and multiplayer does work (for the 3 seconds before the welcome message crashes the game), so I’ll try out transferring the app installed on my phone into an apk

yeah I think the play services not being present on the APK and emulators not having the ones the game wants(?) prevents me from connecting to multiplayer servers, sad I’ll have to bring out my old old iPad if I want to play this game

The Android version no longer has IAP or multiplayer support, as it has been removed from both Android sales platforms.