So I one hit someone with a mango?

I am asking how this might happen…
First the things that lead up to this: I was in a pvp server, I was fighting someone and killed them. I was afk I think (idk what happened at this time) and I came back to a blockhead being hurt, I tried to hit back and, you probably guessed it. I one hit them! I was holding a mango in my hand so it couldn’t be a sword. The health settings were also normal, the person said they were full health. Any ideas?
(Also what topic should this be in? I picked question because it’s a question)

Here is a picture of the logs:

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Are you using a hacking client?

Those logs seem interesting.

Ok first of all you are the one who I killed and no I do not hack. I’m just a regular kid and I would not want to download hacks like you said I did.

Wait, so are you saying that you don’t know how you killed/harmed someone with a mango? The person might have already been getting injured from something else, you might have just killed them by the chance of them being almost dead.

The person said they had full health, so it could not be that. Besides, the logs don’t say I hit them, it just says they died! I don’t know if that’s normal though

Also are you sure they are full Heath?

You can’t both be correct. Either they had really low health or you have a cheat installed. Try testing the theory by hitting someone with their permission, and if they die with one hit you have something installed. Ask them to take a screenshot of their Blockhead’s health first.

If one hit doesn’t kill them then you’re not the problem.


I’m not sure that they were full health, I just went off their word. I’m also certain that I’m not cheating… the person says that I could turn off my hacks if I was hacking? So off of their words again I could be cheating. Has anyone experienced this glitch before?

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I have experienced it before when I was inside a door trying to attack someone.

I’m pretty sure I was in a heal pool just before I attacked the person. Might that be the cause?

who cares what happened? you have the accomplishment of killing someone with a mango now


I kind of care, the owner banned me until I could get evidence I don’t hack!


if you’re on ios, and you’re able to send the owner screenshots, take a screenshot of you in the spotlight menu searching “[redacted]” with nothing showing up as thats what you use to hack on ios, should be enough,
i can show you an example of what it looks like without it and with it

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What’s the “spotlight menu”? Also yes I’m on iOS. Can you please show me how it looks? I’m curious

on your home screen, swipe downwards until a search menu opens, then type in “[redacted]” and assuming nothing shows up take a screenshot of it then send it to the server owner as thats enough proof for you alone to show you dont have anything

[redacted] this is what it looks like if you do have it installed, if you dont have it this wouldnt appear and you’d pretty much be clear

So it should look like this?

yup, that pretty much proves you dont have any hacks on you phone, so just send that to the owner


Thanks for helping me! I’m kind of new to this IOS stuff. I’ll send this to the owner!

What if they’re using an alternative to [redacted]?

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