So I one hit someone with a mango?

What on earth is “[redacted]”

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I haven’t heard of this recently but years ago, someone with the cheats enabled could transfer “god mode” to any player by touching them. Is that still possible? If so, it could be an explanation.

How do I quote stuff? I’m a noob at the forums! Also what do you mean by “transfer god mode” ?

highlight the text of what you want to quote and a popup should appear.

Well, “god mode” was something that gave you super speed, flight and invincibility I think, and possibly the one-hit kill ability. And script kiddies could grant that ability to any other player merely by touching them.

So you sometimes saw normal players suddenly saying “why am I moving so fast?”
But it may have been patched in 1.7 because I haven’t heard of anyone mentioning it for some time.

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I don’t think a hacker touched me, NYCCI said it might be a glitch.

Sharing the names of cheat apps is a really good way to earn a permanent ban from this bulletin board. I have redacted the references to it. This is the one and only warning about this.

Permanent? :cold_sweat:

Yeah, I think I’m going to stay as far away from this topic as possible from now on.


Yes, sharing cheats in these forums is not a good idea.


So I talked with evilox and they said the fly and one hit kill thing from touching was never a thing, only things that worked were speed and health. So the theory is out of the window…

And you believe them over others because…?

fair enough, i pointed it out only to help OP get unbanned from the server, ill try to not mention it any more

If the owner of this world were a member here they would probably have posted by now. That said, you can mention it all you like. It just seems weird to believe one player about a thing many players have reported.

you should not believe everything you hear as she said, and keep in mind she knows what she’s talking about, the user you speak of as far as i’m aware is a kiddy scripter

would you rather take word of any kiddy scripter or someone who actually knows what’s they’re talking about? it’s more common sense for me, and whatever ‘hacks’ you suspect they use, just remember it’s something anyone can do with the most basic of knowledge, no one is special here

if you do happen to have someone feeding you this, i would tell milla immediately, more likely it was a one shot from some other kiddy scripter, and i think he knew that, without much speculation, maybe that was deliberate

I think it would be possible to hit someone with a mango though. I mean, you can mine stone while holding something in your hand…
Also, mangos hurt. I’ve been hit by one in real life. Although I’ve never heard of someone being killed by a mango… well done on your achivenment there, buddy :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think it would depend on if it were a ripe mango or a still very green one. Those are definitely hard and heavy and could do some damage. A ripe one would be too squishy, but might do more damage if shoved down someone’s throat. I would call it a “suffocation attempt” and give it a -5 to hit. (wait, what game are we playing?)


well you’d think it’d also hurt a lot if you got hit by stone or titanium, and yet mangos, stone, and titanium do the same amount of damage…


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I can confirm that “God mode” can be transferred. Once on my own server, someone transferred it to me without me asking them to and . The person who gave it to me had their hacks on, and while I will not mention the source of this hack client, I do know how it functions, and I know for a fact I have never used it myself. So yes, it is possible, and you may want to recall if you noticed anything unusual. Things to look for are increased animations/faster abilities, heath and hunger bars extending to the far right of your screen, the ability to fly without a jetpack, or things that are not of vanilla gameplay. And no, I am not promoting this in any way, I’m just determining if this was what caused it.

yes, you can pass it on by slapping the player, though last i checked that tweak was no longer functional, i might be wrong, or another way could have been found, but more likely it was just a closer amount of health than the player thought, and it’s also possible somebody mistook the current health settings at the time

also note the god mode abilities passed on are not the same god mode abilities used in the tweaks people used to create, but regardless both are really shady

I don’t know how it is after 1.7, but what do you mean by “it’s not the same as God mode”? Are you referring to the capabilities, or the source of the abilities?

the source is obviously the same, which of course i cannot name, albeit it being fairly obvious for some, it should stay that way regardless

but what i do mean is that god mode activated by those tweaks have separate abilities than god mode granted to players not using tweaks

as i’ve noticed both have the fast speed, if my memory serves me right the flying does not apply to both, ‘infinite’ damage i also believe is one sided, and another in common i believe is full invulnerability, anyone correct me if i’m wrong and ya know i am