So many Ownership Signs

Why does there have to be sooooo many ownership signs in multiplayer servers? It isn’t fair and there’s only one world I have ever found that allows me to get sticks

People normally place them down even if its just trees because you have to either ask for land or they just don’t want people digging random holes in the ground.


The owner can do what they want with their server. It makes plenty of sense to me.

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Ownership signs near spawn are routinely used because owners want the spawn to look a specific way and don’t want it to be destroyed.

That being said, unless the server is really developed and/or has a specific theme that requires players to build in very specific areas, you can usually find lots of free land if you just walk a little ways left or right of spawn. Fully protecting a server is very time consuming, so most owners do not go through the trouble of protecting everything.

I can’t tell you how many times I’m on a server when a new player comes on and mentions that there is no free land… when they haven’t moved more than 20 steps from where they spawned in.

Go explore, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of sticks. :blush:


Heya my server only spawn is protected. And a few resting stops spotted around the server. I found it also super frustrating everywhere being protected. So i made protection signs super hard.

Protection sign requirements on my server.

40 plat coin
20 titanium ingots
5 diamonds
99 buckets of paint
5 tamed Fish

This is on a survival server with sell only tps.

(I know the requirements look hard but trust me on a survival pvp server they are needed lol )

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You can’t cage fish

In bucket i mean. Sorry my english bad

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wow @EmmaTheTroll
Those ares some serious protection sign requirements! :joy: Hard core.
Looks to me like only admins are going to get those.

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@Thuthu I have zero admins, there are mods only to keep it fair for everyone. And so far two empires have 1 ownerships sign after about a month .


Hi, EmmaTheTroll,
what is your server name?
I would love to know! :smiley:

speaking of servers, what are the differences between the last clan and the rise of an empire? I read both of them and they seemed interesting.

Not really on-topic. This can get its own thread or go into a private message.