So who is taking on expert mode?

So I’m trying expert mode for the first time in a while, so I wanted to have a crack at it.

And man it’s hard having to obtain things by hand.

Is anyone taking on expert mode right now and how far have you gone?

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The most “rare” item I have ever stumbled upon in expert mode was a sapphire, After the sapphire level, I tend to rage quit and delete the world


I’m not playing any expert worlds currently but I’ve beaten it before. Level 29 Club! When you think you just can’t explore any more to find what you need, then settle down and breed dodos!!


Patience is :key:.


I think expert mode suits players that started out in single player survival worlds. It’s a very different experience to multiplayer normal worlds. No portal chests and maybe your starter pack is five clay or just a pointer to the easier direction to travel to get your own.

I think one in ten players that join the multiplayer expert world that I play have enough game knowledge to even get to baskets. Throw in a few nasty creatures and the deaths pile up.

A few people persist and get rich. Best people to play the game with IMO, you learn even more expert moves. :slight_smile:


I believe myself to be a good player. I have been playing the game for along time and this is the first time I decided to really dive into the expert mode.

Also, because of there being no meditation, no only does it harder in single player, it makes it extraordinarily hard in multiplayer expert mode. Can you imagine the wait time in sleeping? And instead of being able to borrow benches, everyone have to craft and upgrade their own.

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I have toyed with the idea of doing an Expert mode economy server where at least the advanced players could sell materials to help the beginners along. But I just don’t have the time.And I think it wouldn’t be very popular.

New players get spannered by no coins. You need a level 7 workbench to make a furnace and a ruby to get the furnace to craft gold coins. Leave a TP out and anything that isn’t nailed down gets sold when you are not looking. I find it’s hard to help new people without making them dependent. Expert worlds get lots of traffic but not all of the players are ready…

Five minutes in a soft bed. I leave them out around any space with new players. That’s five minutes to plan your next move, chat or spy.

I think that’s why expert is so much fun :slight_smile: . There’s much more than grabbing your pole items out of your pc and start building something out of luminous plaster. What’s the fun in doing only one thing all the time? Expert mode feeds you things to do, including aspects from an ordinary survival-themed server such as building a base, building a dodo/coffee/donkey farm, teaming with people to try to get a jetpack, finding and taming trolls, and the most important thing of all, upgrading your workbench :smiley: .

Personally I see workbench levels as levels you’d see in RPG games, that state your progression. You can constantly scavenge materials to upgrade your workbench as you build up a base and become wealthy or “powerful”, some may say.

There’s a lot to do in expert mode, is what I’m trying to say in the end. It may seem hard at first, but before you know it, you’re already used to it. Then once you join an ordinary world again, you may view it more blandly than you’ve viewed it before. It’s a lot of fun, and I promise you that you won’t get bored :slight_smile:


Not bored yet but things do take a long time.

Created a farm already and starting find my own pace.

Probably should make a sign/note that tells me what I was trying to do, so when ever I come back, after a long time (because I have other worlds to maintain), I’m not lost on what I’m doing or going to do next.

Well said @ZetsubouSen.

It is indeed like many RPGs and your workbench is your progress meter/level. Some levels take a while to grind out, just like with any RPG. It is not a cake walk to the higher levels.

But I do think the majority of Blockheads players these days are not up to the challenge. They don’t remember a time before trade portals.

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I lived in the time without trade portals. You wouldn’t believe how much mining I did. Mazes of tunnels that reached different sides of an ocean.

The achievements were incredible to obtain, as built my first and went fishing, crafted weapons, climbed the tallest mountains and walked across the magma. Travelling by donkey or mostly on foot and I obtained the very rare pole items. Studying the star movements to figure out where I was. Surviving until I made it to my main base.

Now with the the expert model, it’s like I’m constantly making new goals, trying to complete crafting recipes while trying not to die. Finally living in a base, with light and a farm above, I can relax a little, until I go mining.

i’m with you there. Man it was a monumental decision when to go mining so my dodos didn’t starve and die while I was gone. Couldn’t simply cage them because iron was too scarce for making cages. I ended up with a pretty cool farm and unicorn ranch tho. I moaned and moaned about the lack of black sand, but once I had some black sand dodos, it was easier to advance.

Merged double post.

I am playing Expert Survival mode and loving it… it is slower, but the challenges suit me well…

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I am! Currently on level 23 single player. Now I need 20 silicon wafters to upgrade the workbench to level 24. Crazy amounts of sand and black sand required! I’m enjoying it though.

I think getting the fruit hat really helps. If you are going to explore early on, don’t take any risks. If you see scorpions ahead tunnel under the sand, don’t try to go past them. If it’s night and there are pine trees/dropbears ahead, again, go underground again. It’s really easy to die with just a few hits.

My other recommendation would be the gold tool bench, so you can bash ore with gold spades, and get some extra gems and bonuses. But you do need to find a diamond to get this.