So you want a unicorn?


How many Donkeys would we need to breed?


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You need to breed donkeys to get a unicorn.


How do I get unicorns?


You breed them or you can buy them from other players


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How do I get a unicorn?

so since the new update came out, I was wondering how do I get a unicorn?


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How does one get unicorns? Do you really need to breed a bunch of donkeys before you get em or do they spawn in the wild?


You need to breed them, through various tiers.

The first tier is a normal grey donkey. Then comes brown, black, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple, pink, white, rainbow. After rainbow comes a grey unicorn, I think. Then repeat the colors to get the rainbow unicorn, which can fly.

To get to the next tier, you just need to breed the tier below it. Each tier can either spawn the previous, current, or next tier. For example, a blue one can spawn a black, blue, or green.


Here is another guide: So you want a unicorn?

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I want to give away unicorns. Is there a way to do that from single player to multiplayer to selling them?


You can craft a portal chest on your SP (if it’s survival) to bring them to a multiplayer world (that also has a portal chest).


Meh. If they want them, then they can just hit me up and send me their server name or something. I have portal chests and grey unicorns are an easy give away.


What is the difference from a regular unicorn to a rainbow unicorn? Do you have to go through the donkey process again with unicorns and work your way up to rainbow again?


Normal unicorns glide/jump high and rainbow unicorns fly! :unicorn:


Ok. Thanks! How do you get a rainbow unicorn versus a regular one. (It feels weird saying a regular unicorn)