So you want a unicorn?


Ok. Thanks! How do you get a rainbow unicorn versus a regular one. (It feels weird saying a regular unicorn)


Rainbow unicorn is the final progression of unicorn breeding:

Grey -> Brown -> Black -> Blue -> Green -> Yellow -> Orange -> Red -> Purple -> Pink -> White -> Rainbow


Oh great so you have to go through the entire process twice?


Correct, once for donkeys and then again for unicorns.


Well if you have coins, you can buy a unicorn instead lol


I am trying to get a unicorn on giants. I don’t think anyone has money except the admin


Were you trying to buy a unicorn? Or are you willing to work to get one?


Buying one would be nice, working up towards it rn


I gave away a unicorn to a regular patron. This status can only be achieve under certain conditions.

Right now I sell them. The rare and hard to breed, rainbow unicorns that can fly! They are tamed and comes with a free cage.

Either I, or a friend, may be able to sell one of my unicorns to you.


I’m the friend by the way. (I think.) Anyways it works out perfect because we are pretty far away and I’m on a different time zone so it works. Am I correct @ElTaPa


What?! No, you’re not the friend I was referring to!

:joy: can’t keep a straight face lol

Yeah, you’re the friend and the slow one. And I’m usually the supplier and the fast one. :wink::grin:

I sell all kinds of things including, but not exclusive to, Hard to obtain Dodo eggs, coloured donkeys and all colours of unicorns. I would even sell TC if I could lol.