So you'd like to be a beta tester


We get asked by a lot of people how to become a beta tester, so I thought I would post about this so people may refer to it. If anything changes it will be updated:

We choose beta testers based on your activity in these forums. Your ability to communicate effectively: report and explain issues and solutions, describe the things you see and do in the game; your level of dedication to the Blockheads, ability to follow instruction, the amount of time you spend playing, etc. are some of the factors that might come into the choice of one person over another.

Don’t call us, we’ll call you. There is nothing you can do, aside from contributing, playing, and enjoying the game (as above) as much and as well as you can, to get a position on the beta team. Make sure your “About Me” section in your profile has any iOS device you own listed. If it doesn’t we won’t approach you!

Beta testers are a rare breed. We don’t recruit often. That said, we will soon be launching a big recruitment drive for update 1.7. If you’re interested in being a tester sign up for these forums and contribute as a good community member should, and you will be considered.

Apple, baybee, all the way. Testing done by us, in the first party, are done on iOS. Android testing is managed by the Android developer, Noodlecake Studios. Check out the Android beta testing group here:!forum/noodlecake-blockheads

Note that we don’t support jailbroken devices, so if you don’t have any devices that aren’t jailbroken you are not eligible for beta testing.

Has you growed up? We’re looking for people with their heads screwed on right. Discreet, mature, even tempered, and smart.

If you have questions about beta testing please post them here. Current beta team members may respond, or staff may. Please read existing questions and answers before posting your own, so we can avoid repetition :slight_smile:

UPDATE 21.11.2017:

I am currently recruiting Android beta testers here:

Please post your expression of interest over there, and ask questions and discuss the subject here. The recruitment thread is for applying to test only!

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I want to be of beta testers if my device for you is ok
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How many beta testers are there


It varies, and there is no set number to be reached, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t know just at the moment.

How many we need at any given time will depend on what David is doing in his secret lair^H^H^H^Hstudio, and the scale of testing that will require :slight_smile:


“Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

Love this, so epic. :smiley:

  • Term was probably coined by the CIA or the NKVD.


So I just PM you my new number and you will call me to join right? :cool:

Now for any actual question. Is this apple or android or both?


Not all beta testers can b trusted…(slowly turns and looks at someone)


Who here is a beta tester? I know that Ace is one, anyone else here?


Great post, Milla! As for how many of us there are, I think Dave may be the only one who knows. Because I don’t think he just uses players from the forum. He may have friends and colleagues who help out too. From the forum though, there’s probably less than 10.


Cheeseburger, we are actually encouraged NOT to tell people we’re beta eliminates the whole;" PLanes! Am I right? Huh? there’s Planes in the new update!?! OH C’MON, just tell us!" Thing.

Note to Dave: please do not put planes in the next update, or I will NEVER hear the end of it. thank you.


The one above is for iOS but you can apply for the Android version here:

I don’t know if Arlin needs any more testers but there isn’t any new build currently


So how does it work ? You set the update to the ip’s ? :confused:


Well seeing as it says they haven’t been on since late Feb I would say not… unfortunately.


A lot of what makes a good beta tester, is maturity. Because you have to be mature enough to not give information about updates just so other players think you’re “cool” or whatever.

Part of why I am so open about being a tester, is because I can help other players with things after the update and they can trust that I actually know what I’m talking about. And I don’t get very many questions about what’s going to be in the update. I think it’s probably because I’ve made it clear that I don’t talk about it or give any information.

So while Joe is right, that we are encouraged not to tell others that we are testers, we ARE encouraged to help players and answer (some) questions after the update info has been released.


I am gonna put my bet on EricMatrix


I come on the forums all the time :smiley: probably about five times a day :rolleyes: I don’t know why though XD I like seeing all the updates on the threads :slight_smile: it’s almost exiting and I can never wait to get home and sit down and just flick through all the threads looking at evrething!
I don’t know why I become exited, maybe it’s the fact that there is new and inspirational stuff here that makes me see the world in a different way…


May I take the opportunity to raise a question that I have been wondering about for quite some time?

How come there are such obvious, easy to spot bugs/glitches/errors in the game? Why don’t testers identify them?
Look at the trains update: After 20 minutes of playing we realised trains lose their passenger cars on slopes.
And there were the handcar-at-northpole glitches.
Or the elevator update: the shafts are protected, but not the expensive motors.
I am not talking about the most obscure glitches, but the real obvious ones. I think I have a pretty good idea who some of the beta testers are. Smart, mature people with a lot of experience that I hold in high esteem. So this not trying to bash them, but genuine curiosity: How come testers do not find these “easy” bugs? Every player literally stumbles upon them.
Perhaps someone can enlighten me.
Again: I don’t want to diminish their work in any way. I am sure they sort out a myriad of problems that we will never know even existed.


Decent questions Ronnie. I think a lot of it is that yes, we are trying nine ways to Sunday to dupe items and discover glitches, so that we can report them, and Dave can rework the code.

But every time he changes the code, there’s a chance that more glitches are written IN. So we go at it hard again, doing the same stuff we’ve already done… Sometimes, there’s little room for “playing”, because were in “discover the glitch” mode. And what playing there is is generally cooperative, because you don’t want to be tagged a griefer in beta-test land. Just my opinion there…

Besides, we all actually seem to LIKE each other. :wink:


I ave a rather irrelevant question-What language does Dave program . with??


Since Dave (majic Jungle) does the developing and coding for the Apple app it would be C or more specifically Objective-C if I am not mistaken. Where as the Android app (ported by noodlecake) uses mostly Javascript or more generally Java.


Should this be sticked? This is very informative. =)