So you'd like to be a beta tester


i don’t get it. Read the sentence again slowly and see. and pls explain me what u r trying to say in one post. thx


You couls destroy beta and bring more hackers in beta
Jailbreak lets you break code


i figuered out that we just cant have a jail broken device to do it i think it confused me also


No if you have 1 ok device itsok


@nisheal, there is a double negative in the sentence so it is confusing.

If you don’t have any devices that aren’t jail broken you are not eligible for beta testing.


If all your devices are jail broken you are not eligible for beta testing.


You would play the game like playing the game… The Blockhead App. On your unjailbroken device.


I think it’s gonna be a separate app, but they have never done it that way before.


Milla updated the OP on the beta tester recruitment thread.


We use Testflight.

@nisheal : We do not support jailbroken devices. If all your devices are jailbroken you cannot be a beta tester.


What is that!!!???


Google is your friend. Search for “apple”, “testflight”, and “app”.


Thank you I wil, google it


I would love to beta test the blockheads. I am a friend of a previous beta tester, and I loved what he got to do. I currently have an IPhone 5S with IOS 10.3.2


Wrong thread :slight_smile:

Please see the link in the OP to the recruitment thread where expressions of interest should go.

I have also included the following information in the OP of this thread:

Your support ID for the beta will be entirely separate for the account you normally play with, as you will download a separate beta build app at the time of testing, with a new cloud account attached to it.


Many people joined the forums to post here…


Disambiguation: You don’t need a particular trust level to be a beta tester. I’m hearing that people think they need trust level 3 to partake. Not true :slight_smile:


How many beta testers (approximately) do you guys have in mind for choosing? I’ve no idea if it’s 5 or 35 :smile:


We’re looking to substantially increase the size of the team, so quite a few. We’re not just replacing lost testers this time :slight_smile:


Do you know how much beta testers will be chosen? Like an estimate?


X amount of beta testers