So you'd like to be a beta tester


Discussing regular is going off topic somewhat. You can check the requirements by going to the badges section of your profile and tapping on the regular badge. That will take you to the page that explains the requirements.


Unless you aren’t regular and can not see that badge :joy:
But tapping on the Member badge will do, it’s shows the requirements for all levels


My bad :joy: It isn’t in your profile it’s on the main badges list that you get to by selecting badges in the main menu option.

But we’re still off topic :scream:


It’ll be by desember


Nobody knows when it will be. This is only speculation and in no way helpful.


This is SO exciting! For 4 years i’ve been playing this game and (impatiently) waiting for updates. I master every single one and I still never tire of it. I hope to be a part of this


it saysNote that we don’t support jailbroken devices, so if you don’t have any devices that aren’t jailbroken you are not eligible for beta testing. i don’t get it. should we have jailbreak or not? u say that if we don’t have jailbreak then we are not eligible


No it says if we have no devices without jailbreak it won’t work


why? ??


Because it breaks the code you could bust the beta


i don’t get it. Read the sentence again slowly and see. and pls explain me what u r trying to say in one post. thx


You couls destroy beta and bring more hackers in beta
Jailbreak lets you break code


i figuered out that we just cant have a jail broken device to do it i think it confused me also


No if you have 1 ok device itsok


@nisheal, there is a double negative in the sentence so it is confusing.

If you don’t have any devices that aren’t jail broken you are not eligible for beta testing.


If all your devices are jail broken you are not eligible for beta testing.


I’m just curious. What app do you have to use for beta testing?


You would play the game like playing the game… The Blockhead App. On your unjailbroken device.


Like the process of downloading the beta app. Do you need an app to download it or does it download in the blockheads app?


I think it’s gonna be a separate app, but they have never done it that way before.


Milla updated the OP on the beta tester recruitment thread.