So you'd like to be a beta tester


Like do you download it in a private App Store or do you use apples TestFlight


We use Testflight.

@nisheal : We do not support jailbroken devices. If all your devices are jailbroken you cannot be a beta tester.


What is that!!!???


Google is your friend. Search for “apple”, “testflight”, and “app”.


Thank you I wil, google it


I’ll get TestFlight installed well… if I do get a message via my email that is and I’m not sure if that will happen.


I would love to beta test the blockheads. I am a friend of a previous beta tester, and I loved what he got to do. I currently have an IPhone 5S with IOS 10.3.2


Wrong thread :slight_smile:

Please see the link in the OP to the recruitment thread where expressions of interest should go.

I have also included the following information in the OP of this thread:

Your support ID for the beta will be entirely separate for the account you normally play with, as you will download a separate beta build app at the time of testing, with a new cloud account attached to it.


Many people joined the forums to post here…


Disambiguation: You don’t need a particular trust level to be a beta tester. I’m hearing that people think they need trust level 3 to partake. Not true :slight_smile:


I am one of those people that surfs the forum twice a day since October but I do take breaks sometimes. :smile:

I do love the community and that stuff but there are days when I don’t even chat but surf plus I also go to camp on weekends so the internet is not that strong. :wink:


How many beta testers (approximately) do you guys have in mind for choosing? I’ve no idea if it’s 5 or 35 :smile:


We’re looking to substantially increase the size of the team, so quite a few. We’re not just replacing lost testers this time :slight_smile:


Do you know how much beta testers will be chosen? Like an estimate?


X amount of beta testers


We have no inclination to lock in numbers. All who suit will be invited.


Oh okay. Thanks!


i figured out that i have ios 10.3.1 on my iphone 6


I’m that one stubborn person still using iOS 9.


Just a note to candidates for this recruitment drive, because we’re being much more transparent about recruitment than usual, and we don’t want anyone to get the wrong impression:

While we are wanting to increase the size of the team we will not be changing our requirements, so if you aren’t chosen don’t feel bad. We’re a bit picky, and always have been! Not being chosen does not mean we don’t like, respect, or want you around. Not being chosen does not reflect badly on you. It’s a role we need particular traits for, and that doesn’t necessarily mean we like beta testers more than other members. It just means that some display traits we need and others don’t, and those are not anything to do with your worth, character, or value to us as a community member.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: