So you'd like to be a beta tester


You can also beta test for 1.8…


If there is one lol :thumbsup:
Also @milla I know I am not old enough but please please let me test :thumbsup:


There’s a age limit?


Here is the quote for you


That doesn’t mean like, you gotta be 13 or something. And yes, never screw your head on incorrectly!!


I agree with Milla’s response. They definitely have to chose a wide ‘variety’ of types of players to help beta test, so they can cover all areas of testing. Which definitely makes sense :slight_smile: . Very well said that one should not feel hurt if not chosen!


Do I care? It’s not bad if some edited your post.


No it’s not bad. I am just very protective, and sharing personal information can be problematic :slight_smile:


Wait, milla please remind me what the requirements are again, as I don’t know where to find them.:blush:
Ah, thank you, @Titan
I feel dumb now lol


Just look in the OP :slight_smile:


Just a question about the beta “app” that you download…
Do you download a new application with every beta stage that comes out (I.e. beta 1.6 to beta 1.7) or is there updates for the existing application? If that makes any sense… :stuck_out_tongue:


Essentially, it’s new every time. Dave uploads the build to an app called Test Flight, then chooses who gets access to the build. You download the build from the Test Flight app. It’ll look like the Blockheads app.


So you could have multiple beta versions at once? That would be cool… Unless Test Flight automatically deletes them.


As I recall, no. Your device will act as though you’ve upgraded the app. Try to downgrade again, and you might have to install the app from scratch, and you know what that means, right? Voice of experience there…


I’m sure milla said that Dave was working on a way to be able to continue playing 1.6 as normal whilst also beta testing 1.7. I think that would mean having two Blockheads apps.


ok good i don’t have jailbreak


Lost Testers would be a great name for a band. Of course, Los Testers would be a great name for the group. :blush:


It seems to me that you are asking if each each build/pre-release/beta version will have a separate (individual) app - for instance,,, and so on. The answer to this is no. The entire beta will share the same app, though it will be a separate app from the original (release version) of the Blockheads app. With each miniature update to the beta that Dave released (these are called builds), you will download the update and it will work like updating the original app in the App Store; the app will update and then be playable.

Think of TestFlight as the App Store, and the beta as the regular app - the only difference is that the beta won’t replace the regular app.


How many people are currently on the team?


I would like to be a beta tester, some reasons why is because me and my friends have been playing this game for many years now, i first played it on a Ipod, then a kindle, and finally my Ipad. this game is the best it is a great game and i want to make sure i can help it stay that way.

(Ps. I really have been waiting for updates so this is something nice)