So you'd like to be a beta tester


I would like to be a beta tester, some reasons why is because me and my friends have been playing this game for many years now, i first played it on a Ipod, then a kindle, and finally my Ipad. this game is the best it is a great game and i want to make sure i can help it stay that way.

(Ps. I really have been waiting for updates so this is something nice)


@cbennett57, see this post:
Post your device type, and your current software on that post. That will apply you for beta testing.
(Only your Apple devices)


I have handed down a four week ban to the user that has been abusing the flagging system to hide candidate posts in the recruitment thread. Apparently getting a telling off from me brought on this run of churlish behaviour. Apologies to the victims. All your posts have been unhidden now.


So I’d like to become a beta tester, I’ve found many glitches and bugs in this present version… all the bugs I’ve found were on my own. I’ve seen bugs like duplicating, tc glitches to get more tc, and disappearing doors, signs, and protection sign and lights… etc. and also there is a way where anybody can remove a spawn portal. I’d like to become a beta tester to find out more bugs that ruin the game for everyone. But I also want to know how to install the beta tester app?


I believe you have to apply and if you are selected there is a process to download the beta testing app. Visit here.


I would love to become a beta tester. I have played since 2014 and have been a cloud server owner for 3 years. I truly enjoy this game and would love to help. I use an iPad Pro on IOS 10.3.2 and an IPhone 7 Plus on IOS 10.3.2 also.


See this thread to actually apply.


Continuing the discussion from Beta Tester Recruitment for Update 1.7:


Why did you make a thread for this?


Again, like I said on the other thread, I don’t think I can make another thread for this. It’s not useless, but again not helpful. I think you can’t copy things from the original thread. It’s better off to just use one thread and not make multiple copies.
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Discussion of this particular topic goes in the existing beta testing thread. Merged.

You both did come across as a bit rude. Maybe look at your wording, and feel free to PM me if you want my tips for not coming across in an unintentional way :slight_smile:


From what you and I think Milla, I would be a good candidate, contact me at [redacted]


I’ve removed the email address, because we don’t permit the sharing of private information here, but I can see the email you registered with :slight_smile:

Check out the first post in this thread for more information about beta testers.

There is a recruitment thread for registering interest in testing over here:

Nice to see you here!


Oh I see, I’ll go over to the thread right now.



Testing should be starting later next month, as things are, so I’ve decided to leave off tester selection a bit, so newer forums members can get into the swing of things a bit more. I will start next week, but with veterans, and at a low rate, since there’s no rush, and our newbies will want to show us how helpful, courteous, and friendly they are :wink:


So it’s ‘next month’ now so is it going to start this week? Next week? Or like at the end of this month


Anytime this month. We’ll have to wait and see when :slight_smile:
I’d rather have it at the end of this month instead of the end of next month :smiley:


This suggests that it will be later in the month so nearer the end than the beginning.


Given Dave’s track record, I’m betting end of August :wink: