So you'd like to be a beta tester


We don’t have any date set, but we’re aiming for the latter part of this month still.


Since I have an iPhone that is not jailbroken would i be able to be a beta tester or no? Srry for asking, im new to these forums i just made my account 20 minutes ago, i think it was acctually 30 minutes ago, oops. Again is my device good for beta testing if you choose me? (i know you probably wont choose me, it is worth asking) Also my age is above 10. (i dont want to reveal my actual age) Srry for asking, plz reply! :smiley:

Edit: I just really love helping, especially if it means helping hundreds of people at once!:blush:


@Ac9283 you can apply & read about the requirements here:


Thank you!:smiley:


@milla I would like to be a beta tester! I have IOS device IPAD version 10 or more i love new updates and i played blockheads for 1 year and i love blockheads


See Unihorse’s link above


Just wondering…have beta testers been choosen yet? I’m only asking out of curiosity :slight_smile:


No, because they didnt call me, and i am very cool so they will call me :slight_smile:


They will call you if they pick you. Not by how cool you are.


I believe that she said she was going to inform all who applied, whether or not they were invited to join the team, of the outcome for them. I could be wrong, however.


She did say that. I’m sure it will take her quite awhile to do that since there are so many interested players. :blush:


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Take your email out of your post, it only needs to be in the email spot in your profile.


For one thing, this is not the application thread. And the other thing is that only IOS beta is ramping up. You need to contact support at noodlecake dot com if you want to test on Android. And like Ingeniare said, remove your email here.


Ok thanks for saying so :smile:

I will not do this again

This is not an application page sorry.


I’m am working on the beta team candidate vetting right now, and will be largely busy with that. If you have anything that isn’t beta related to ask of me and it’s not urgent I would really appreciate it if you could hold off until next week, so i can stay focused. I’m having a rough week, so I need all the help I can get staying on-task :slight_smile:


I like to be a beta tester for theblockheads I am on a iPad Air 2 with iOS 11 beta because I like beta testing thing


Applications were made on this thread:

The thread is closed now, you could try to apply for beta testing on the next update @Jonh9205


I’d like to be a beta tester I have an iPad air 2. I’ve been a beta tester several times before including a beta tester for Minecraft pe and Snapchat. My iPad is running ios 11 developer build 4. I usually test on my Android phone but ive recently beta tester a couple apps on my iPad.


I dunno, maybe people should be disqualified if they post in this thread asking to beta test…?

Just kidding, of course, but… the amount of people who don’t read the post and then make their own is shocking.