So you'd like to be a beta tester


Yeah. Milla said a while ago that registration was closed. I wonder what the beta version is like :3


I can imagine that Dave is having fun riding those sharks with Polly. :wink:


I’m vetting and notifying the next group of testers. Again, if you don’t hear this week or over the weekend it means nothing, except that I have not yet got around to vetting you. I am working in a fairly random way, so when you posted to the recruitment thread isn’t a factor.

Note that that thread is now removed from the open forums. Only dave and I have access to it.

This intake of testers will be notified this week, but will formally join their team mates actively testing a bit later on.

How long until the next batch comes out of the oven? 😩

I’m PMing candidates to let them know either way, and those who are testers don’t get a beta build for a few days, so don’t stress it. If you’re in the current group you will get a PM and then start testing next week sometime.


Oh dear, I only just saw that this was added. I wonder if my tardiness is final…

Well, :white_check_mark:!


There’s always 1.8

I doubt many people who joined as late as me got in either


1.8 is a possibility. Yes, Dave has mentioned it, but it’s an idea.


Swimming on a shark with dodos on your head
I’m suggesting that :stuck_out_tongue:


You will get a pm before the email. I believe you only get an email if you are accepted. :wink:

Hopefully you get a response soon. :slight_smile:


I’m PMing all candidates, both successful and unsuccessful :slight_smile:


Whooo! Waiting for 1.7 is starting to get my skin to crawl…


Congratulations to all who became a beta tester!


I should’ve tried for beta tester like everyone else. I just don’t know my iPad gen.


I’m the stupid one when it comes to IPads.


You could have googled how to figure it out, I had to do that with my first android tablet.


As I say: always 1.8

(there will be a 1.8, someday. . . :3 , don’t dismiss it)


I wish I could be a BT, but I have android so it won’t happen. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


You could test for Noodlecake?


Huh, I didn’t get a PM.


Milla hasn’t sent them all out yet, I don’t think.