So you'd like to be a beta tester


Yeah, Noodlecake will be beta testing the Android version. They manage their beta testers directly, not through Milla.


I have not received a PM yet, either. Milla hasn’t sent them all yet.


She’s not active as of this moment, she was probably busy when she said she was giving out the PMs.


Haven’t gotten mine ether


I assumed this meant that she will pm them whenever she gets around to them, not that she is currently pming them.


They need Noodlecake testers?


Not yet. After Dave finalizes everything on his end, he sends it to Noodlecake to beta test.


After they first port all of Dave’s changes to the Android platform.


No, I haven’t finished vetting applicants. I PM people as I do that. It’s done in no particular order. Not hearing yet means it could go either way.

Those wishing to test on Android need to contact Noodlecake Studios directly, as per the first post in this thread.


Where is the about me in the profile section? I’m on mobile.


It’s under Profile in your Preferences screen.


Thanks :wink: from what I remember I haven’t posted and I didn’t find a post with my name. So I’ll do it now I guess. My device is an IPad Air 2 with the latest IOS. I want to become a beta tester because I’m excited and I play blockheads a lot. So far I’ve found some weird glitches like a person meditating in the air and not being able to pick blocks up when on a handcar. In the summer I played blockheads 20 hours a week, so about as much as a job. I might be able to push 15 hours of gaming per week since I’m not on my summer break anymore, I did the math. Anyway… I consider myself a pretty decent future tester. :smiley:


Jeez man, further into the the school year I’m spending 15 hours a week studying and doing homework, if not more. Not to mention school itself and swimming and all that. I don’t know if I’d ever be able to get that many hours a week into a game ever again :confused:
(Right now I’m averaging about 5-7 hours a week)


I spend 14 hours of homework per week… I can fit it all in because I have no life :stuck_out_tongue:


Milla I don’t check my email never and now it is too late because it drowned in the sea of 8617 unread emails. And i want to know did i get the beta testing? Pllsss


You’ll get a PM letting you know if you became a beta tester or not. @TheFoil


I guess i will not be a beta tester never in my life then :frowning:


Always 1.8

Idc annoying what if forumer, there will be a 1.8 because I say so :laughing:


Why do you say that? If you haven’t received a PM it’s still up in the air. You could be a beta tester if you haven’t gotten a PM.


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