So you'd like to be a beta tester


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Who flagged stuff?


Cate PM’ed me :slight_smile:


Thinking is always good. What you say on here should be the same way you’d speak to someone in real life. A lot of trollers don’t seem to realize this. Karma will catch up to them someday.


Is it still in any way possible to apply to become a beta tester? if not for this update the next in like a years time?


the aplicaton period for 1.7 is finsihsed. theres always 1.8 though…


Just a heads up that I still have people to get back to. I will get back to everyone this week.

Just a note that those who were selected but not needed for 1.7, you are automatically selected for the next beta tester intake, so keep the PM I send you if I ask you to reply next time I recruit. This is your fast-track ticket into beta 1.8 :slight_smile:


This is legit something I’d actually love to do I’d probably die if I were to be chosen as a tester.


Argh! Not choosing you then. I will not be responsible for your death!


I won’t die! I’m kidding I’ll be the happiest thing ever! But like legitimately, if there are some spots open insert cat eyes here



Did I just get horse-rolled by my favorite games community manager?

I’ve been bamboozled.


why yes, I think you did.


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Okay, thanks, we’re off-topic now. I was playing with @LoRdCzAr after a busy day, but I didn’t mean for this to derail the thread. Back to beta testing discussion :slight_smile:


So I’m guessing all spots are indeed filled for 1.7 because of its soon outage right?


Right. No new team members will be added for 1.7. Dave has got through this process much more efficiently than we anticipated, with fewer testers than we assumed would be needed. This is down to a really good testing team and Dave being really focused on the job. Between them they have powered through a huge process very effectively and fast.

I am, however continuing to contact people individually to the end, because I did vet every candidate who applied. I need to send each candidate the appropriate information for the result of that process, such as those who definitely would have got in if we’d needed more people, who will get fast-tracked next time, and those who can influence the outcome next time by doing things differently.


Is this application something I fill out beforehand or if I was picked I’d be to fill it out, because if it is s potential chance at joining the team, link me please.