So you'd like to be a beta tester


Always 1.8

Idc annoying what if forumer, there will be a 1.8 because I say so :laughing:


Why do you say that? If you haven’t received a PM it’s still up in the air. You could be a beta tester if you haven’t gotten a PM.


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That’s helpful.


Who flagged stuff?


Cate PM’ed me :slight_smile:


Yeah. I got 2 pms from cate. I should really THINK

That was 9 days before and after I think because I was a bit rude


Thinking is always good. What you say on here should be the same way you’d speak to someone in real life. A lot of trollers don’t seem to realize this. Karma will catch up to them someday.


Is it still in any way possible to apply to become a beta tester? if not for this update the next in like a years time?


the aplicaton period for 1.7 is finsihsed. theres always 1.8 though…


Just a heads up that I still have people to get back to. I will get back to everyone this week.

Just a note that those who were selected but not needed for 1.7, you are automatically selected for the next beta tester intake, so keep the PM I send you if I ask you to reply next time I recruit. This is your fast-track ticket into beta 1.8 :slight_smile:


This is legit something I’d actually love to do I’d probably die if I were to be chosen as a tester.


Argh! Not choosing you then. I will not be responsible for your death!


I won’t die! I’m kidding I’ll be the happiest thing ever! But like legitimately, if there are some spots open insert cat eyes here



Did I just get horse-rolled by my favorite games community manager?

I’ve been bamboozled.


why yes, I think you did.


@milla how does it feel to be the Hmner-hmner


Omg Milla has turned into meme-mode to deal with AMAZING users now (@ post below yes not annoying I mean AMAzing users)

And the memes are actually good. Milla I didn’t know you had this side of you. Milla has finally unleashed her inner meme.

This is a breakthrough guys!!! @ all forum members