So you'd like to be a beta tester


I honestly, would like to be a beta tester. But I’m not going to beg. It’s not worth making Dave flustered. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well I mean you’ll need to wait awhile, they Dave isn’t need any more until 1.8 beta testing since 1.7 beta testing is nearing the end of not already there.


Ah. Okay. Thank you for telling me that. Maybe I’ll try next time?


That’s the spirit! :slight_smile: Participating in the forums is one of the best ways to improve your odds of being picked for a beta tester. As long as you’re not trying to break rules, though! :rofl:


I am breaking the rulers

Bad pun? Okay I’ll stop


I just want to apologise to those who haven’t heard from me yet. I’ve become really busy, and this went by the wayside. I’ll get back to it this week!


Story of my life: Too much to do, too few hours in the day. I didn’t get near it last week, and now I’m sorting out a new recruitment for Android. I do need to get back to the last 20 % though…


@TheKnexGuy There is beta testing for SP so you don’t need to have wifi


Great! Thanks for your help!


To be chosen is it required to have the most recent IOS?


I don’t believe so.


No. Many testers play on devices that don’t support anything above iOS 10. Testers use anything that the blockheads is supported on.


I’ve got an iPhone 5 so nope.

It’s probably better anyway that we have a lot of different devices and operating systems we test on. Maximizes our chance to find bugs that could possibly be depending on a specific OS/device.


Would being a 1.7 android beta tester take up more space on the device?


I don’t precisely know how the Android beta rolls out, but for the initial beta cycles on Apple we had to install a separate app, so yes, it would need more space if that’s the case.

The flip side, if it overwrites your 1.6.x version, then it wouldn’t take up much more space BUT you won’t be able to play on 1.6 worlds.


IOS? Will there be any option for apple folks?


iOS = Apple. iOS is just the software Apple uses, like how Android uses Google.

1.7 beta for iOS/Apple has already came and went, if you stick around and be active there’s a chance you can become a beta tester for 1.8.


1.7 you mean?


He means that testers for 1.7 have already been selected. The next possible beta tester recruitment will be for the 1.8 update, whenever that will be. 1.7 testing for iOS is already complete, so there is no point in adding more players to the testing team.


Ok thanks