So you'd like to be a beta tester


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Okay, thanks, we’re off-topic now. I was playing with @LoRdCzAr after a busy day, but I didn’t mean for this to derail the thread. Back to beta testing discussion :slight_smile:


So I’m guessing all spots are indeed filled for 1.7 because of its soon outage right?


Right. No new team members will be added for 1.7. Dave has got through this process much more efficiently than we anticipated, with fewer testers than we assumed would be needed. This is down to a really good testing team and Dave being really focused on the job. Between them they have powered through a huge process very effectively and fast.

I am, however continuing to contact people individually to the end, because I did vet every candidate who applied. I need to send each candidate the appropriate information for the result of that process, such as those who definitely would have got in if we’d needed more people, who will get fast-tracked next time, and those who can influence the outcome next time by doing things differently.


Is this application something I fill out beforehand or if I was picked I’d be to fill it out, because if it is s potential chance at joining the team, link me please.


Milla what is this :joy: that was very off topic


I created a thread in May, which I closed at the end of July. People could post their expression of interest in that thread for those two months. I then moved the thread into a private forum and vetted every person who applied. That took up until a couple of weeks ago. While I was doing that Dave asked for new testers at regular intervals, and I notified the people next on the YES list that they were in, and they began testing. That was a whole other process in itself. I was also notifying unsuccessful candidates.

It was a complex process. I was checking every candidate’s activity in the forums, as well as going through my records of problem players in the cloud to ensure no bad eggs were getting through, using in-game names and IP addresses to check on their cloud activity.

I won’t go into any more detail, but we had a couple of hundred posts in the recruitment thread for me to work my way through, so it definitely kept me busy. It will continue to do so for the rest of this week.

@TheFoil: @LoRdCzAr just set me off with his funny post :slight_smile:


That’s cool, hopefully I’ll make it in when it reopens.


Oh my, why did you beta testers work so effectively? Couldn‘t you be a bit more lazy? :joy:


Hrm, hrm, I thought I WAS being lazy. I was on vacation for 2 weeks of it!


I kind of want them to hurry up actually. And work harder. I NEED 1.7!!!


Still have to wait for Noodlecake and those beta testers. And then there’s the Apple review process…


That horse doesn’t look too happy.


I really hope this goes over well… What do you think will happen if they reject the IAP servers?


Well… I’m still wondering if people other than the owner can pay to add credit. I see Apple disapproving of that.


Of course, if a kid knew their parents’ accounts anyway, they could waste money on their own server and time crystals (they can already do that), but imagine the whole “bribing people to add credit then ban them” thing. I don’t know why, but I don’t like the idea all too well…


I wish for only the owner to add credit.


wasn’t it like this with Blockserver?


I don’t remember.


No, anyone with a credit card could pay for server time extensions. I started Skylands with a co-owner that paid every other month.