So you'd like to be a beta tester


So your just chosen? Id have to have a good reputation first.


Yes. Indeed. And obey all of the rules.
Not pointing fingers.


Ok😁 try to get some good badges too


Some beta testers went permanently inactive.

Is a good head start :slight_smile:


Hey jarl, that was off topic, careful.

This right here


How? I was telling you how to get a good headstart on becoming a beta tester.


You’re looking for straws at this point.


“Not pointing fingers”



Now you’re getting off-topic? Anyways, a good reputation, that’s generally it.


So, get a good reputation, what else?

And that statement was off topic too, it goes around and around, so lets get back to topic, what do you say!?


That’s about it to becoming a beta tester.


Oh ok,



Please stop posting more than once in a row within an hour.


Yeah, im working on it, im still new to the forums


It’s easy to edit your post if you have something to add and feel like you want to post to the same thread again.

They may open it up for new testers for the next release, but that may be a long way away. Dave is going full power on his other game Sapiens.


Hi Milla,

If you wanted an assistant or helper I could take the role if you want but it’s up to you just wondering if you need one since your role is really high and maybe you might want someone to help you that’s still lower than a beta tester just someone to help :heart:


I have asyc assisting me, thanks.


Hey Sorry for the spam, but if you need any more testers like for the Train or Animals as they can be glitchy I suggest getting one :sweat_smile:


We recruit testers if the team has depleted in the lead up to an update. At present we are not working on an update, so we aren’t recruiting. We also have a good team at present. Thanks for your interest though.