Social experiment Cloud world: ALL GET ADMIN

Hi, people of blockheads! Today I decided on a social experiment. Everyone that joins will be given admin(through the message bot) all you have to say is “GIVE ME ADMIN HAHA”. The blacklist will be cleared every 30 minutes and anyone that does /stop will be banned, and /repair will get you kicked.
Also, people that banned have to wait thirty minutes, if you try to unban or clear list then you will be banned, I suggest deciding if it’s worth getting banned to unban everyone else

Anyone is welcome, there aren’t exactly rules but as the owner, I hold the right to do what I want. it will be interesting to see if any builds can be protected. The server will be running for 30 days, and if people keep it up then so be it, however, the message bot will be shut down.

The server is called all get admin


I edited the thread title so it’s more informative. This world could be very interesting. Please do post back with updates about it :slight_smile:

BTW our rules do apply.


Certainly!! I’m still figuring out the message bot but ill try to post updates to the forums.

@WooHooGaming13 you we’re banned because you were not supposed to do /stop

Ohhhh, I wasn’t sure if it was anarchy style or not. I probably should’ve read the entirety of it.

lol it’s fine, I made it that way so people wouldn’t spam. Ill clear that blacklist. Just refrain from doing so.

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This is madness

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fun madness

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Who will be clearing the blacklist?

its a message bot that anyone can set up as the owner. It has a timer to send the /clear-blacklist command every thirty minutes

This isn’t exactly on topic, but I noticed the thread is called “ALL GET ADMI”… add an “n” maybe? I’m not trying to be rude at all! I jus saw this thread and was confused for a sec sorry

The world name doesn’t have an N, so it would be misleading to have one in the title.

Oh, okay.

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U cant put a n at the end because when u try it says invalid name

I’ll fix that. I got sick of people impersonating staff, and banned the use of admin in names.

Edit: Done. Feel free to rename.

I bet that @be_free_no_rules would gladly help you run your server. :wink:


Like wym jumbo I got my own problems my spawn got griefed today :slight_smile:

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I guess protection signs are kind of useless. I hope this server ends up being nice! And I also hope nobody goes crazy with the admin, I’m gonna try to build a castle.

go for it, and yeah protection signs are only good against dummies that don’t give themselves admin

some people trying to destroy =[