Solar panel tips

So based on having 6 solar panels my tip is:

  1. NEVER stack solar panels together, i had 6 and stacked them together in a block and half the panels get 0 energy
  2. When stacking solar panels you can not stack them in a row or like a box because only the outer panels will obtain energy
  3. Use copper wiring to connect panels, this will make every single panel obtain the same about of energy
  4. Put it outside!! Covering solar panels do not give it energy or very reduced amounts
  5. Regions affect the amount of sun on solar panels try putting it close to a desert
  6. Copper bricks can also conduct energy, you can connect your solar panels to a copper brick as well

Iron blocks are also conductive, not just copper ones.

And I consider myself an electric expert. :wink:

Oh my glob… I’m gonna copy you :smiley:

wait… you can put benches on air?(not backwalls)

On copper wires you can.

Alright, thanks.

That’s awesome. Can you float other stuff on copper, or just solar panels?

solar panels and workbenches are what I know so far.

Whats happening??? i make a solar panel, connect it to an electric bench, and its not working well, its generation rate is maxed and the copper wiring is fully connected, its only working with a flywhell, it cant do well on its own, can somone help me wit how to maximaize the use of my panels?

You NEED to use a flywheel or you will have issues.Mostly because solar panels deliver energy every 2-10 seconds and flywheels stabilize the power so it doesn’t go on off on off.

Thank u so much i was wondering, with the fly wheel everything went fine, thnx

Fact:You can put blocks over solar panels and still have full output if there is no back wall made by the blocks.

soooooo, u can put reinforced platforms over panels, becuz their the only ones that that dont have back walls :slight_smile:

They do have backwall. It just doesn’t spread.
If I remember correctly.

… step on the iron block… (ZAP)

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Electrocution hasn’t been added.Tested by me.

Solar panels will predict rain and snow storms

They don’t really predict it. Their power production just goes down from the “cloud cover” :rolleyes:

Apparently, they go down a minute before it actually becomes cloudy though.

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I think Dave is so considerate to know about copper/iron blocks be conductive, have you try with other medium?

Between 30-60 seconds but it might be server lag