Solar panel tips


Can anyone tell me what material that metalic looking light blue is?


That’s a tin block, but it doesn’t conduct electricity.




If by “other medium” you mean “other metal blocks” then yes. They don’t work. Just copper blocks, iron blocks, and copper wire.


I think there is a better way to optimize your solar panel outputs. I think that every solid block/panel that touches the solar panel will reduce the output. My solar panels are laid out this way:

I know it’s not pretty, but none of the sides are covered up so I get maximum output from my solar panels.
And you only need 1 copper block, then use doors and trapdoors to make the rest.


I suggest you move them a bit up and separate them. Copper wire can hold thme.


I use the Solar Panel only on sunny days. Otherwise I use my Steam Generator


My picture was more just demonstrating how to use iron blocks as conductive blocks. I dont think that covering up the sides of a solar panel with another solar panel reduces its generation speed - mine reach max like this all the time. Well… All the sunny day time, the only time they can ever, in any setup, reach max output.

And I like my stuff to look good, not just work good… :slight_smile:

I had them both connected, back before I used tons (literally) of solar panels and flywheels. Then on sunny days the solar panel powered the flywheel, on rainy days and at night time the generator did al(most al)l the work.


Well Frostmoore honestly speaking your tips is really useful for everyone thumb`s up dude…


Wow! Great job!


Here’s my method. Don’t decrease your buildings security:

The last two buildings feed power to multiple (6+) admin houses.


Yes. I got grieved through a steel wall where I was protecting my valuables. Hopefully tanokki will /rest owner him so I can get my stuff back!!


Yes so make a wall of benches


It’s a neat, compact little factory. I found it funny that you still have Stone Axes in your inventory, yet are technologically advanced enough for Solar Panels!


wow its so amazing



This is my setup it’s easy but expensive.

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The optimal system for solar energy is certainly one which uses a sunshine monitoring system for that individual panels for those who have space and sufficient cash. This particular system tracks direct sunlight during the period of the time and throughout all months here. It will generate much more electricity, although primarily, it may cost much more than a fixed program.

Though the thought of solar-driven cars has not yet been perfected, they might drastically lessen carbon-dependent contaminants. There are many devices which use solar powered energy to function. Solar powered generators really exist that may be a godsend throughout a prolonged energy outage.


Guys, if you want to REALLY MAXIMIZE your output, put fires around it, (not torches) because the solar panels feed off the heat energy when you don’t have full output. It only adds one spot of output, but it is a lot better than nothing. I’ve used this for awhile and it defineatly works. Also, I’m not sure if this stops working at higher elevations, so if anyone could tell me this that would be great.


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While we’re on the topic though, before 1.6 I had around 25 solar panels and only 2 flywheels. I guess it was because I hardly ever used electricity intensively enough to use more than the solar panels make, but the Refinery changed EVERYTHING. I now have about 40 solar panels and 4 flywheels, which is still pretty small.