Solar panel tips


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I only use two solar panel, two flywheel, and two steam generator. I don’t see the point of making so many.


The best are steel lanterns, as they give one stop of power output, but can reach farther than a fire.


True, but they are more expensive


I don’t think any number of panels and flywheels can be good enough if you are running a few refineries. I have burned through 20 flywheels connected to 50 solar panels using those refineries. Electric elevators can also burn through resources, as power may not transfer down to the base of the elevator. In order to fix that, I put a wire down the side of my elevator shaft, and have 5 flywheels and 15 solar panels so that it’s always charged.


I am pretty sure platinum works too, that is the only other I know.


I use multiple steam generators. And assign one block head to farm things and refuel the steam generators. And I take jobs, especially ones that earn you coal. Lots of coal, or I have pines trees for sticks to turn into charcoal.


Solar panels generate free power, which is better in the long run when you have a great storage and distribution system. Steam generators are good for power on demand. They make power as you need it or have space for it. I personally prefer a combination that is solar heavy.