Solar panels not working


For some reason, the solar panels are not producing energy at spawn on my server (Genesis). I’ve tried moving them around, moving around wires, removing the steam generator… nothing. No electricity.


I just don’t know why they aren’t working. It’s a custom server, no expert mode.


I just joined and meditated for a minute or so - the flywheels filled up.

There weren’t any electricity particles though…


Uh, maybe it’s just lag?


probably just a glitch on the wires.


Yeah, I’ve seen my flywheels fill up but absolutely no blue dots on the copper wires.


Weird. Ok then.

I just must not have noticed they were filling up. That’s kind of annoying though that the particles don’t show.


Yeah, watching the particles was my favorite part, and now they almost never show up



I’ve noticed they only don’t show up from things that generate electricity: steam generators and solar panels. Any benches that use electricity show the particles though.


I needed that. Haven’t seen the dots in forever