Solutions to crashes and multiplayer / Game Center problems


Same problem here


I’ve been playing a LOT of Blockheads multiplayer. Before the update, when I would lose connection, whatever I was crafting would be gone. For example, if I had 50 iron ore and was smelting, when the game crashed and I reconnected, all the iron ore would be gone. Terrible!
After the update this does not seem to have happened. However, last night it DID NOT crash, but when I was smelting 300 gold ore I heard a sound like a game center achievement, or bench upgrade… looked and saw my Blockhead stopped smelting and ALL the ore was gone… I lost over 300 gold ore and was so ■■■■■■ I almost chucked my iPad across the room! This is the worst kind of error… losing hours of gameplay for no apparent reason…


Cant play multiplayer. It loads 2/3 bar and then, “reconnect?”


Hi, I’ve been having a problem…
I played online with someone, and when I went to play on my world afterwards
I was spawned in the middle of stone. I managed to dig around myself some how
But my whole world has changed and the game is spazzing out basically.
I can’t even use my portal, which is now for some reason in the middle of stone…

Is there any help I can get?


Can I just reinforce that if you’re experiencing multiple random crashes, especially when starting to do something (craft, pick fruit, start mining, that kind of thing), check your free RAM AND mass storage space.

If your device is slow and you’ve tried all the usual tips (closing unused apps, restarting the device, and so on), check your video, music, and camera roll (in that order). Get rid of anything you can live without, and then reboot and get rid of more. Nineteen times out of ten, that’ll fix or at least improve things generally.

I can’t stress this enough - these aren’t magnetic disk devices - memory is precious, and your storage WILL decrease over time as bad FLASH blocks are marked ‘unusable’. It’s the technology.

I hope this helps.

Free memory! (He’s innocent!) :slight_smile:


Take a look at the date of the last post before you. This was created before the new update came around that was going to fix it…


Thank you for pointing that out!
There will probably still be people experiencing problems like this as time goes on. I suspect the suggestions will still be valid in the future. Until they get nanoscale RAM, anyway… :wink:


I have a problem whenever I or Someone Join My or His Server, After 1 - 5 Minutes i or Him will be disconnected please help me!!! (I want to play for 3 hours :frowning: )


I often play multiplayer and when I do,the game often flashes white before going to the home screen.


When I was playing multiplayer my friend was glitching out and they said the screen was glitching but it got fixed in like 20 seconds then like 1 minuet later my screen got all white.I could close it and open it back up buy its just white again. I have the most recent update and have a iPod 4g with half the storage space left (Witch is 4gb)