SOLVED: Option to Mark as "Read" Multiple Threads at One Time in the Unread Category


Having spent the past 2 hours or so, scrolling through Unread threads (in my Unread notifications), I would love to suggest an option of selecting multiple threads and marking them as “Read” (much like you can do for emails). Currently, the only way you can get rid of the notification is to actually open each thread and scroll to the bottom. I’ve done this today for nearly 300+ threads (with much more to go). I’m going blind. :dizzy_face:


Rip @Thuthu
I’m so sorry this happened to you! :frowning:
Shouldn’t this be suggestions tho?


This is a suggestion NOT about the game but about the actual Forums… so it’s under Meta. (spoken from the grave)


I think this is something better-suited for

Definitely a good idea. :+1:


I often just tap and read the topics that I still want to show as unread then dismiss the rest.


How? I have notifications that were set long ago (it’s been changed now, of course) but I had over 400 notifications that I needed to get rid of. I’m now down to 98 (thank goodness!)… hoping to finish getting rid of them all in the next hour.


Isn’t there a box to check to stop tracking those topics when you click dismiss at the bottom of the unread list?


OMG! How I wish… that I had posted 3 hours ago… and that you had given me your solution then!! :confounded:

That being said, THANK YOU, @GoodGradesBoy.

You have changed my life and saved me another hour of scrolling through old posts. xoxoxo You are a GENIUS!!


This is already a feature.


No, @TheFoil, that does not rectify what I was posting about. I was having issues with threads that I was already being notified about. Changing that preference affects FUTURE posts… not past ones.

But @GoodGradesBoy, gave the right solution above.


Well setting the topic to normal already makes you scorll to the bottom. Wich means you read all that, and then you stop future posts from spreading.
Or you can just ignore all posts that you are not interested in and read the ones that are interesting and just click on this



Extra tip, if you want to lower the amount of notifs for likes you can go into your settings, preferences, notifications, and set “Notify when liked” to First time a post is like and daily. Not sure if that solves your problem :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks @Celadon, for that tip. My problem was that several months ago, I set notifications for suggestions to track. I almost immediately changed that setting, but the repercussions (while I was out of town not checking forums) were an issue (even for that short amount of time).

I have no issues since @GoodGradesBoy gave me advice on how to solve the problem.


I think that we shouldn’t really reply anymore. The problem is solved, making the post lose its purpose
@Thuthu is already saying that the prob is already solved as well, she’d probably wouldn’t want to say that it’s solved 50 times


@shadowolf, if I could like your post twice, I would. :relaxed:


I’m glad everything was solved!