[SOLVED] Question about new flagging policy


If we get flagged for doing something minor, like a forum in the wrong category, does the flag stick with us or is it removed after the problem is solved?

Also does the policy only affect today (June 7, 2018) until the future or does it affect the past too?



Thanks! Gotta be careful to not step on a crack…

Now for the second question…


If the rule affects the past, Milla would have to delete a lot of posts. Now and the future would make sense, right?


Of course, but I’m just pointing out a loophole in the policy.

We wouldn’t want to get flagged for posts 3 years ago of our wrong doings.



Alright, Thanks! :slight_smile:


Glad everything went well!


I know your question was solved. And I do not want to lose it purpose but I would like you to know too and the other forumer there was a new update from FAQ reading guidelines probably some of you saw Milla’s post that she update it but she didn’t post whats new in the FAQ and here you go :slight_smile:
Just click the summary please it quietly to long so I quote it in summary.

Dealing with spammers and other naughty people.

Flag them, and move on. Here are the flagging options:

Flag spam posts you see as spam and relax. To be considered spam it has to be an advertisement for a product or service. It will generally not be posted by a veteran community member, but on the contrary with a very new account, probably created for the purpose of spamming us.

Flag off-topic posts you see as off-topic and relax. This means off-topic for the thread they’re in, or if it’s a thread, off-topic for the forum it’s in. Naturally, regulars can move these to the appropriate forum, but if it’s not certain where it should go please flag it, rather than move it.

Flag inappropriate posts you see as inappropriate and relax. Inappropriate means rude, using bad language, containing inappropriate content of any kind, or abusive posts or threads.

Flag all other problem posts as something else and relax. This includes double posts, “spammy” (pointless) threads, posts by users with inappropriate avatars or names, world threads lacking the requisite information, threads about worlds that already have a world thread, responses to suggestions that cite other games or duplicate suggestions, and so forth.

Regular TL users may PM the person and explain if they’ve moved their topic somewhere else, but otherwise everyone should flag and relax.

I didn’t want to do this, but any other response to a problem post will be considered a problem, and dealt with accordingly. That means if you do anything but flag the post that breaks the rules you will be breaking the rules+. I’m sure you see the irony…