[Solved] The forum reset password feature is broken

I tried to change my password today, so I went to https://forums.theblockheads.net/my/preferences/account

Apparently with a relatively recent Discourse update you have to send a password reset email in order to change your password, so I did that… I haven’t received a reset email in nearly an hour. I checked spam & it wasn’t there.

Did you type in the correct email?

If you did and received nothing, I’d contact Discourse.

You don’t type in an email, it uses the one tied to your account.

Discourse can’t help here. It’s a misconfiguration of Dave’s email server that’s the problem.


I just had the forums send a test email to me, and it came through fine. I’m about to have it email you at your forums address. Let me whether or not you get it.

Edit: sent.

Not sure whether or not this helps, but it worked for me as well.

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I haven’t received anything, checked spam again to, no emails. I also tried the reset button again and haven’t received the message. Maybe it has something to do with using @outlook.com? I tried sending my address an email from another account and it arrived successfully.

Doesn’t work for me either.

Thanks for pointing this out. I switched from SparkPost to SendGrid a few days ago, so it’s probably related to that. I’m not seeing any delivery failures in the SendGrid analytics though, so it’s hard to say what is going wrong. I might give it a few more days, these sorts of things with email usually resolve themselves. But please keep posting here if you have problems with emails not showing up. Thanks!


I still haven’t received any of the requested emails, hopefully they show up sooner rather than later.

Just for fun I tried resetting the password while not logged in, no email from that either.

The only thing I can think of as a temporary solution is to sign up for a free mailbox with someone like Gmail, who allows forwarding, then have that service forward all emails to your actual email address. I know that they’re coming to Google-hosted MXs okay, because that’s what I use.

Apparently this was something I caused almost a year ago and it never came up before now.

Dave found that I marked an email from BH, Ambience/Sapiens, or some other system he managed as spam in December of 2018… and SendGrid somehow found out about this and decided to never send an email from Dave to me again.

Dave was able to remove me from that list manually, and I can now receive password resets, no need for an email change.

I have no memory of marking anything from him as spam, I rarely mark anything as spam, so I’m confused… but its fixed now!

Excellent :slight_smile: